How Do You Set Up a Wedding Bar?

So you want to add some fizz to your wedding, right? Quite interesting!

Planning a wedding can be extremely challenging because it’s one of those dream days that you want to celebrate perfectly. And when it comes to setting up a wedding bar, there are a lot of things that need to be considered.

Everything should go according to the plan, and it must add value to your delightful memories for the rest of your life.

Looking back to your wedding album should be an exciting experience, so try your best to make your party look complete and wonderful when you see your wedding album with your partner somewhere in the future.

Let’s learn how to set up an epic wedding bar and what important things you should consider while creating one.

Follow a Wedding Theme

You must be following a particular theme for your wedding, but if you aren’t, you should! Make your wedding look more fascinating by following a certain theme. The most common ones are bohemian, fairytale, garden, beach, rustic, mermaid-style, and the list go on.

You can choose any theme and decorate your wedding bar according to the overall theme. If you want to do something different and out of the box, pick a theme and ask your event planner to suggest what else can be included in the package to make your day perfect.

Once you’re done with your theme, now, it’s time to decorate your wedding bar accordingly. Your wedding bar should look integrated with your overall decoration.

Try to blend things in. Feel free to communicate with your event planner, they would have a lot of crazy options for your wedding bar decoration.

How Many Guests You’re Having?

It’s quite important to know exactly how many guests you’re going to have on your wedding day.

It not only helps you make effective decisions when it comes to preparing food and serving drinks, but it’s also necessary to let your event planner know about this so that they can manage a suitable sitting arrangement.

For a perfect wedding bar, you would need to plan according to the number of your guests. No one wants to bear the expense of those extra surplus drinks, and nobody wants drinks to get finished before the wedding starts.

Along with the number of guests, you should also categorize your guests according to their liking. You already know what your guests like to have and which drink will make them get into that mood. So, plan according to the taste.

Setting up a wedding bar depends on the liking of your guests, and since it’s your wedding, you should plan things.

Consider the Weather

Weather can be one of the primary deciding factors while setting up a wedding bar. When the weather is not in your favor, planning an indoor wedding bar can be a great challenge.

The entire party setting can get disturbed because you can’t just ask your guests to come inside, have some drink, and get back to where they were sitting earlier. It doesn’t work like that.

Feel free to discuss everything with your event planner and if you want your wedding bar to be served outdoors, make sure the venue has sufficient arrangements for that. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and clear things in advance.

Double-check the weather a week before the wedding day to avoid any mishap.

The items you’ll add to your wedding bar will also depend on the weather and temperature. In winter, you’ll be looking for something hot and chocolaty, and in summer, something around lemon and mint will do the work just great.

What’s Your Food?

A wedding bar can be coupled up with your menu. The menu you design will also have an impact on your wedding bar choices. There are hundreds of different combos you can try. However, we have provided just a few of the most popular ways to pair your food with a range of epic drinks.

1- Indian Food with Ginger Ale

Indian food is quite trendy these days for weddings. So, along with your guests’ favorite drinks, you can add a little spice with Ginger Ale and make your Indian food feel more delicious. It may give you a burning sensation, and that’s what Indian foods are all about. 

2- Seafood with Lemonade

You can also add lemonade to your wedding bar list for the seafood. If you’re planning to have some seafood on the table, then don’t forget to pair it with a lemonade drink. Your guests would literally love it.

3- Fried Chicken with White Grape Juice

Fried chicken has become quite a common thing at weddings. It tastes good and spicy. Since it’s high in fat, you can add something that can give you a sugary feeling after the salty chicken. Sparkling white grape juice will be a perfect drink for it.

4- Tacos with Agua Fresca

How can one forget Tacos! This Mexican food should be mixed with a Mexican drink, hence the Agua Fresca.

Agua Fresca is made with fruits blended with water, some sweetener along lime juice. There are many unique ways to make this drink, you can search for the one that suits your fantasy.

Don’t Forget the Water

We can’t emphasize enough! We’ve seen many wedding arrangements where everything was perfect except for drinkable water. Don’t forget to source a clean and drinkable water corner.

Must-Have Items to Have!

To make your wedding bar look perfect, you need to have some epic wine glass collection that will let your guests know how artful you’re. You should go with disposable wine glasses because they’re super fancy and easy to dispose of.

We provide fancy plastic wine glasses for all kinds of party setups. Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, new year, wedding, or any other event, our plastic wine glasses will always make a great statement for your guests.

These wine glasses come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. You can choose a bunch of different designs to make your wedding bar look cool.