How Many Flatware Sets Should You Have for a Party?

Flatware pieces are kitchen items that are always running out. And, if your diet requires flatware sets to eat, chances are you will always have your flatware pieces in the wash basin. 

At this moment, you probably get frustrated with it and might plan to buy a new set to meet your requirements. And, when you are throwing a party for a large crowd at home, it is a bit more challenging to figure out exactly how much flatware you should have for a party. 

There is not a straightforward answer to this question as there are a lot of factors to consider to find an exact answer. 

We have composed a detailed guide for you to quickly figure out how many flatwares sets you should have for a party. So whether you are a restaurant owner or just like to throw parties more often, we have answers for both cases. 

Flatware for Individual Place Settings

You would set up your tablescape for the formal party settings by having separate place settings for each guest. However, individual place settings are the most preferred way to serve the guests formally at the events.

Since you would be setting up individual place settings for the guests, you should have at least an equal number of flatware sets and one or two sets as a spare. In addition, having spare sets will make it easier for you at the moment if your guest's flatware pieces need a new replacement. 

How Often Do You Throw Parties? 

One of the most important factors to consider is to plan depending on how often you throw parties. For example, consider investing in good-quality stainless silverware if you often throw parties at home. 

The stainless silverware flatware is excellent and lasts almost forever if carefully kept. Though stainless silverware cutlery sets are a little expensive, you can also use the stainless cutlery sets for daily household use. 

Try to figure out the average number of guests you invite to your parties. Like, does the number lay between 8 to 12? If so, buy the 15 flatware sets in case your guests drop a piece; or someone else shows up at the party from nowhere.

Flatware Sets for Large Gatherings

If you are a hardcore party lover - who gets to throw parties more often, and your guest list consists of a large crowd, then buying the stainless silverware would not be a perfect fit for your requirements. 

Consider elegant plastic silverware because it is inexpensive and offers practical and valuable benefits. However, buying steel-made silverware sets for a large gathering might upset your budget. And, even if you can afford it, cleaning and washing them is another hassle to handle. 

On the other hand, disposable silverware comes at a fraction of the cost. So you must stock up on cutlery sets at home by buying them in bulk. Plus, the clean-up hassle is not there, as disposable plastic flatware sets are supposed to go in the recycle bin.

Moreover, for picnic parties, disposable flatware is always the best. It is easy to carry; plus, you wouldn't have to bring them back home. Instead, you can simply discard them in the dustbin. 

What Are Other Factors to Consider While Buying Flatware? 

When buying flatware sets, it is crucial to consider all the factors to buy the best fit for your use. Not only should your flatware sets practically benefit you, but they also should contribute to your tablescape beauty. 

When buying the flatware set for the party, consider following up on the party's theme. Then, it would become much easier for you to fall for the perfect set designs and colors that cooperate with the tablescape decor.

For instance, if you are throwing a 4th of July party, and thinking of following up on a blue, red, and white theme, then disposable white flatware sets would be a perfect combination to create on the tablescape. 

Consider buying disposable flatware for parties at "The Kaya Collection." There is an endless variety of different designs, styles, and colors of flatware sets. You can easily find perfect flatware sets matching your party theme.

Where to Buy Disposable Flatware in Bulk?

Whether you are a restaurant owner or just a party lover who gets to throw parties often, it is always better to stick to the idea of buying in bulk. It doesn't only help you save some extra bucks and eliminates the hassle of making short shopping trips every time you run out of them. 

However, you would be still thinking about where to buy the best disposable flatware in bulk? The Kaya Collection is the best super online store to purchase cutlery in bulk. There is an endless variety of flatware sets of different designs, styles, and colors. 

We offer a variety of elegant flatware sets for casual settings for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and upscale parties. They are made of high-quality plastic, making it difficult for anyone to find the difference from real flatware sets unless checked by their weight. 

Our Flatware Range

If you want to buy disposable flatware sets for your next party, here are some of the best cutlery picked from our wide range of flatware. All of them are plastic made and disposable. 

Shiny Metallic Groove Gold Disposable Plastic Spoons

These are shiny metallic gold disposable plastic spoon sets with a case quantity of 25 packs of 24 spoons. Indeed the color is gold and made of plastic material. However, the high-quality finishing makes it quite difficult to notice if it is plastic or stainless steel. 

Shiny Metallic Silver Disposable Plastic Cutlery Combo Set

It's a complete cutlery set consisting of spoons, forks, and knives. The finishing of the flatware is shiny metallic silver - perfect for casual and special occasion use. A case includes 120 forks, 120 spoons as well as knives. 

All of the pieces are BPA-free which makes them healthy for your food. BPA is a plastic substance that is dangerous to our health. However, all of these flatware sets are BPA-free and approved by FDA.