How to Arrange Your Party Plates for a One-of-a-Kind Look?

Visual appeal is the most important element of setting a party table. All it takes is a second for people to make a judgment on your event. You definitely want this first impression to be decent, and it takes a bit of effort to make your guests fall in love with your party decor. There are a lot of factors that add to the visual aesthetics of your event - from decor to tableware, everything counts. We shall help you choose and then arrange the most high-end plastic disposable plates. 

Select Premium Quality Plates

Don’t think of your dinner plates as just another piece of crockery for serving meals. They are going to be the center of attention on your table and will express your sense of style. You will need to spend a little more time selecting the perfect plates for your event.

We are here to make this step easy for you. Our plastic disposable plates and plastic dinnerware sets are everything your table needs. The high-end, premium quality of our disposable party dinnerware makes it perfect for all types of party tables.

Party Plates Color Scheme

A fun fact about food plating is that you can trick your guests’ taste buds into a tastier meal by choosing the right color of the plates. Colors have an influence on the way people look at the meal and affect its taste as well. Get fancy plastic plates and elegant disposable chargers in all colors from our Shop-by-Color section.

How to Arrange the Different Types of Plates

There are different types of table settings including formal, basic, and casual table settings. It is thereby important for you to know the difference between different types of plates and how to set them while setting your party tables.


These are large plates and are used as a base for different dinnerware materials. These are used in formal table settings such as business meetings. Place them right in front of the guest’s chair - a dinner plate is placed on top of them and wine and drinking glass above them.

Basically, their sole purpose is to catch any food spills. Our elegant disposable chargers give more of a formal look and add more beauty to your party table.

Dinner Plates

If you are setting a basic or casual table, the dinner plate will be placed in the center, in front of the guest’s seat. For a formal table, however, the dinner plate will be set on top of the charger plate.

Salad Plates

The salad plate is set on top of the dinner plate. The napkin is then placed on top of it. Our round fancy plastic plates for salad are perfect for your tables.

Plate Your Food Like a Pro!

Food plating is like a finishing touch to the whole vibe created by the decor and the theme. Our plastic dinnerware sets give your vision a practical form with their beautiful patterns and exquisite designs. When served in fancy plastic plates, your meals will satiate everyone’s eyes and taste buds equally.