How To Choose Complementary Color Schemes for Your Next Party?

Complementary colors are colors across from one another on the color wheel. And that’s what makes them so vibrant and interesting in the party decorations as they are opposite in hue. Like, blue and orange, yellow and violet, and red and green. These colors sit across from one another and hold a strong statement when implemented in the party decorations and table decorations. 

Choosing the right complementary color is simple, and there is 3 steps process to follow. We have come up with a detailed guide to help you achieve vibrant yet attractive decoration at your next party. 

Choosing a Dominant Color

Step one is to choose a dominant color for your overall decor, and that would be the main color of your decorations. If you have chosen the main/dominant color for your decorations, then a lot of the work is already done. But, if you haven’t, then start thinking and decide what kind of tone you want at your next party.

Dominant color will decide the tone of your next party, and by setting the right tone, you will be creating a lovely atmosphere at the party. 

For instance, pink is mostly used for birthday parties, and if you go with pink as your dominant color, then you can move to the next step and choose other colors to play with the main color to enhance and add glamor to its intensity of setting the perfect tone. 

Add Two More Colors

The next step is to add two more colors to your main color so you can have a palette of three colors enhancing your party decorations. Remember choosing a color means what you want to convey to your guests. 

The color does play with humans’ brains and emotions. That’s why warm tones are preferred for parties. Choose two more colors to mix it up with your primary color.

Moreover, if you are facing difficulty deciding the right color or tone for your next party, take the help from the internet as numerous online tools will help you out what color combinations go well.

Apply 60/30/10 Rule

In the decor world, 60/30/10 is the most common rule, and it’s handy when it comes to setting a perfect color scheme for your room decor to your party venue decor. This rule is quite simple to understand and implement in your decorations. 

By 60 means, your main color would be covering 60 percent of your decors, and the same goes with the 30 and 10 respectively. By applying this simple yet useful rule, you can come up with the best color scheme for your next party.

Your Party Venue

Your party venue plays an important role in setting a party tone for your guests. When you choose a complementary color scheme for your party, think about your venue. 

What kind of accessories are there? What will be the perfect color scheme considering your carpets, windows, and ceiling? If you keep these things in mind, you will feel more confident while deciding on the color scheme. 

Similarly, your table decor, table decor, and partyware should also cooperate with the party’s color scheme. You should also consider your table’s color tone and its decor. To perfectly match your table’s tone with your party color scheme, consider using colorful party dinnerware that would enhance your space. 

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