How to Choose the Best Plastic Banquet Ware

Choosing the best plastic banquet ware can be a daunting task for anyone with so many options available in the market out there, from the variety of designs to different styles and endless colors list.

However, if you notice, from the past few years, plastic has been quite trendy and favorable for serving purposes even at grand events. The reason behind it is; the revival era of plastic that has just emerged and revolutionized the entire industry. 

The plastic serving wares offer practical benefits at a fraction of the cost. Also, you get to choose plastic serving wares in different styles, designs, and colors. 

With so many varieties of plastic banquet ware available, choosing a perfect one for the required event might seem a difficult task. Let’s find out how you should choose the best plastic banquet ware to set up an elegant table. 

Why only Plastic Banquet Ware?

Besides, plastic serving wares come in a huge variety of designs and styles - plastic serving wares offer multiple practical benefits that serving wares of other materials lack. One of the top on the list is; it enables you to wind up your party with no time. Plastic dinnerware sets are disposable - hence, they are supposed to be disposed of.

Secondly plus point of plastic banquet ware is the cost they come at; they are affordable to any budget. Being budget-friendly is one of the most convincing points to get plastic serving ware.

Moreover, plastic serving wares have evolved with time. And now, if you throw any upscale party with plastic serving ware, the high-end quality makes it difficult to find the difference between the plastic and any other serving ware. 

You would be the only person who would know if it’s plastic or any premium quality formal serving wares. 

Consider the Type of Function

When you are on a hunt for banquet ware, first consider what type of event you are going to organize and what type of food you will be serving. 

Taking clues from your event type and food menu will make it easier for you to narrow your path towards a perfect banquet ware that provides all the practical benefits that you expect. 

If you are going to throw a cocktail party in the evening, where some of the guests would be standing and some seating, then your party menu will be mainly based on finger food. For finger food, desserts and salad plates are best as they usually come in a smaller size, and it’s easy to hold for your standing guests. 

Moreover, if you are opting for banquet ware for a grand event, then chances are your event’s menu would include many dishes. For this type of event, you would need stacks of different plates, such as service plates, chargers, salad, dessert, and soup bowl ( if included in the menu). 

Consider the Number of Guests

Before you opt for the banquet servings, consider planning how many stacks of plates you will need to serve the guests at the event. Write down the number of guests you have invited and make a plan to buy the serving ware accordingly. 

For the buffet table settings, always have some extra plates and other serving wares as some guests come back to take more food and they need another plate for it. 

Take Clues From your Color Scheme

When you are organizing a grand event, you will need to pick a color scheme for decoration. Choosing an appropriate color scheme for your event won’t only set the mood but will also add aesthetics to it. 

Take clues from your color scheme and choose serving wares accordingly. For instance, if you are going to spread out the red carpet, think about having red charger plates on the table’s top. It won’t look only epic combo but will also provide a royal feel to your table settings. Red is a very prominent color, and it catches attention naturally.

Red Round Paper Disposable Chargers

For the best formal table settings feel, chargers plates are a must-use. These red round chargers are elegant-looking charger plates for formal settings, which not only look vibrant but also possess an attractive profile. A wide rim on the borders adds finishing touches to it. 

The red vibrant color makes it look eye-catching serving ware for formal settings. Creating a combo with a red carpet with these red round disposable chargers can be a big hit at your event. 

Consider Your TableCloth

Your fancy tablecloth can make a huge difference in achieving a perfect formal profile of your table settings. Creating contrast with a tablecloth with service plates will pop up the color and accent of the ingredients of the food. 

Experts suggest, creating a contrast of tablecloth with plates affects your eating experience. A good contrasty tablecloth will enhance the texture of the food and make it look juicy for the guests. 

Also, you can match the chair covers with the flatware set colors. For instance, if the chair cover color is off-white, think about matching it with gold flatware sets. It will make an epic matching combination in a formal setting. 

Moreover, for dinner parties, black is the most preferable plate color for formal settings. Get black with gold rim plates and match them with gold flatware set to make things communicate formally on the table. 

Research Before you Buy

It’s always better to research thoroughly about the serving party supplies you are going to buy online. There are many reputed online stores with so many good reviews, but when their products were received, they were broken, cheap quality, and so on. 

Always be extra careful when buying serving ware online and only buy from trusted sellers. Like, “The Kaya Collection” offers a wide range of serving wares that come in different designs, styles, and colors. The beauty of our formal plastic serving tableware is timeless.

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