How to Choose Which Color Charger Plates to Use?

If you are throwing a formal party, you're likely to use the charger plates as they complete the place settings of your party table. However, having the appropriate serving ware on your party table isn't enough, as every detail should coordinate or match each other. 

Choosing the right color of charger plates and other serving wares is an excellent way to elevate your table's decor. Otherwise, it would look like an organized mess on the party table. Therefore, we have composed a guide to help determine the color charges plates to use.

What Are Charger Plates?

You must have seen those larger plates than the regular plates on the formal events - these are called chargers plates. They are more significant than the standard dinner plates and are supposed to be placed underneath the regular dinner plates. 

Charger plates are used for the decorative touches of the table, and they never come into contact with the food since they're placed underneath the dinner plates.

How to Choose Which Color Charger Plates to Use?

Charger plates come in various shapes and colors, making them the perfect serving ware to elevate the table decor. However, they must coordinate with the table decor to get the most out of the charger plates, and choosing the right color is essential.

When choosing the perfect charger plates for your tablescape, remember the color scheme of the tablescape you will set. That's where the theme of your party/table plays a huge part. Therefore, you should choose charger plates that coordinate with the party theme. 

Your charger plates shouldn't always be matching with the party's theme or the color scheme of your table, but at least they should coordinate with everything on the table. Try to create a contrast of dinner plates with the charger plates. 

For instance, if you set up your table with white dinner plates, the gold charger plates will look epic. Similarly, when setting up the table with a bright look, go for complementary colors such as purple, yellow, and red. 

Moreover, when choosing the charger plates for your tablescape, take help from the color wheel and go with the closest color when selecting the charger plates. 

Should You Match the Charger Plates?

It's an excellent approach to give the decoration of your party a consistent look that goes through every detail of it. However, it's not always essential to match everything you'll place at the party.

Many experts suggest that coordinating the serving wares and other decorative pieces on the table is also a good option. For example, try contrasting the dinner and charger plates to make them appealing on the tablescape. 

How to Choose the Charger Plates?

Other than choosing the proper color charger plates, it's also essential to consider the other factors of using the perfect chargers, such as material, shape, and design. 

The material is one of the most critical factors, and suitable material charger plates can bring valuable benefits to you. So the first thing you should decide is what do you need charger plates for?

The elegant disposable chargers would be the best choice if you throw a giant party and gather a crowd. They can literally reduce the after-party cleanup hassle. In addition, the disposable charger plates are supposed to be discarded, so you can quickly dispose of them.

However, if you need charger plates for household use for dinner parties and family dinner gatherings, you can't go wrong with reusable charger plates. They come in many materials, such as ceramic, glass, wooden, and rattan. Go for charge plate material that is easy on your pocket. 

How to Use the Charger Plates?

Proper knowledge about using the charger plates is also essential; that's how you'll get the most out of the charger plates. The charger plates are used for the decorative touches of the tablescape. They add an elegant flair to the tablescape and make it look appealing.

That's why they should never come in direct contact with the food, but rather should be placed under the regular/dinner plates. Next, create proper place settings for each guest, and add the charger plates to the formal place settings.

You can add the place mates underneath the charger plates to make the place setting even more appealing. Play with the color of the place mates to coordinate it with the table decor. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Charger Plates?

If you are wondering whether you should buy the charger plates and still need to decide whether they are worth it, the following are the benefits of the charger plates you'll get. 

  • They reduce the chances of heat transferring from diner plates to your fancy tablecloth.
  • Charger plates come bigger, resulting in fewer chances of making your fancy tablecloth dirty from crumbs and splashes of food. 
  • Add decorative touches to the tablescape by providing the dinner plates with an elegant background. 
  • They make the food presentation on the table appealing to the eyes. 

Do You Really Need Charger Plates?

It's also essential to figure out, do you even really need to buy the charger plates. Charger plates are mainly used for formal settings to make things stand out on the table. 

So, if you are throwing a formal party or a giant exclusive party where the fancy factor would be your primary concern to elevate the decor of your tablescape, in that case, you just need to have a set of elegant charger plates. 

Where to Buy the Charger Plates in Bulk?

When buying charger plates, the market is flooded with plenty of options, making it a little tricky to trust any brand in the market. However, research is the best option to make your purchase sound and satisfactory. 

Take help from Google, and look for the brand of charger plates with the best positive reviews. Moreover, Kaya Collection is also an online superstore, offering premium plastic charger plates at a fraction of the cost. 

We at Kaya Collection offer a wide variety of disposable chargers that come in various shapes, designs, and colors. So whether you need charger plates in bulk for your restaurants or a few sets for small-scale parties, Kaya Collection is the place to get them.