How to Create the Perfect Summer BBQ Party?

BBQ parties are one of the most relaxed and easiest to host. That's why it doesn't take too much time to decide for anyone to throw a BBQ. And, when it's a summer BBQ party, it's like two good things mixing up and doubling up your fun. 

Throwing a summer BBQ but don't know where to start from? We have got you covered with our complete party guide. Keep reading to explore so you can make your summer BBQ an amazing one for everyone. 

How to Choose the Best Theme for your Summer BBQ

Choosing a party theme is the first thing you should plan while preparing for the party. A party theme can immediately make your party go to the next level. First, visit your nearby dollar store to buy inexpensive party decorations. 

If you are throwing a memorial day or 4th of July party, consider incorporating the patriotic element in your party decor, such as White, Blue, and Red. Use patriotic tablecloths, plates, and mini flags, and make homemade patriotic desserts.

A cowboy party theme is also a fun idea for a summer BBQ party. Ask your guests to wear hats and cowboy-style shoes. Give them fake mistakes to pose for the group selfies. 

Summer Party Preparation Checklist

When planning a party, it's essential to get things done in advance, and creating a checklist is a way to do it professionally. We have composed a preparation checklist for you; match it with party ideas and prepare accordingly. 

Prepare Food in Advance

Even if you are throwing a cocktail party, your guests would need something to graze at the party. And, when it's about a BBQ party, your guests will likely come to the empty party stomach. So, prepare your food in advance. 

Prepare your food in advance before the arrival of your guests. Prepare the meat and other dishes you have included in the menu. So, when guests arrive, you can quickly cook it with them. 

Stock up on Charcoal 

Without the proper fuel and fire, it's not a bbq party. So triple up your stock of charcoal or propane gas for the grilling of your bbq. To avoid any embarrassment or running at the end of the moment for the charcoal, it's better to have an extra amount of it. 

And, even if you get to arrange it at the last moment, trust the meat you left waiting would be tasteless. Plus, your guests are frustrated, too, as it's not a party without the BBQ. 

Ask Guests to Bring Side Dishes

Don't feel shy to ask your guests to bring the side dishes to the party. People love to show their favorite dishes. It's a great tip when you are throwing a large party. However, don't burden them by asking for too much.

Decide the Servingwares

This might feel off-topic, but trust us, working on this will give you the ultimate peace of mind when you say farewell to the guests. Choose serving wares that'll make the after-party clean-up a breeze for you. 

If you don't want to invest in plenty of disposable plates, cutlery, and drinkware. Consider buying the serving bowls for parties that'll help you serve a large amount of food at once. In addition, the serving bowls work great when you want to give your table a uniform and organized look.

Plus, disposable bowls are disposable in nature; you would only need to discard them at the party instead of having a headache from washing or cleaning them. Get elegant and fancy disposable plastic bowls for your party at a fraction of the cost from The Kaya Collection.

Make your Guests Graze with Snacks

Apart from offering a delicious bbq menu to the guests at the party, set up the snacks table for them. Usually, at such gatherings, when food is being cooked, the guests feel bored or need something. So, set up a snack table separately for them to graze on until the food is ready. 

How to Set the Ambiance of the BBQ Summer party?

If your summer bbq party starts in the evening, consider having plenty of string lights. Use them to light up the entire party space, such as trees, walls, windows, and everything you have in the backyard.

If you are throwing a party in the daylight, consider adding aesthetics to the party by adding colors. Use balloons, streamers, and colorful spreadings for the seatings, cushions, and rugs to add colors to the party.

Plan Fun Activities You Can Do at a BBQ to Keep Everyone Entertained

For the kids, summer bbq is about having fun and joy by playing different games. Take your party to the next level by planning outdoor games in your backyard. Plan activities that kids and adults both can participate in. 

You can only give playing equipment to the kids, so they can directly engage with them; meanwhile, the adults can socialize and have their favorite drink quenching their thirst. 

Some Must Know Summer BBQ Tips And Tricks 

  • If you are hosting a large bbq party, consider investing in good cooking equipment to grill your bbq speedily and professionally. Don't worry. You can also reuse it for fall and winter parties. 
  • Investing in a table with a central grill is a perfect idea if you prefer intimate parties.
  • Spread out a few blankets or spreadings in the backyard to extend the seatings.
  • Don't know how to keep the guests engaged? Simply plan a movie to watch together after having a delicious bbq.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's the Best Time to Throw a Summer BBQ Party?

The best time to throw a summer party is nighttime. The guests should come by before the sunsets, so everyone should have their tummy to its full before it gets dark. 

What's the Best Day to Throw a Summer BBQ Party?

Usually, most people enjoy their summer vacations, with fewer chances of getting busy with work. However, if your guests don't have busy schedules, you can throw a party on any day of the week; the weekend is the best time that works most.