How to: Fold a Rose Napkin

Napkins are usually considered to be one of the most ordinary things when it comes to tablescape settings. People focus on doing artful stuff with tablecloths, dinnerware, or centerpieces to follow a particular party theme. But there’s a lot you can do with napkins.

If you haven’t yet explored what amazing stuff you can do with a napkin, then my friend, believe me, you aren’t throwing your parties right. Folding a napkin to create stunning artwork can be a great way to make your serving look mesmerizing.

Well, there are hundreds of different ways to fold a napkin, but we have enlisted four fantastic ideas on how to fold a rose napkin. All of the four methods are easy, and it will hardly take you around 2 - 3 minutes to create lovely rose designs with a napkin.

Method 01:

Buy paper napkins that will work. Not all napkins can be used since they have different thicknesses and textures. So, buy elegant paper napkins from our store and follow our guide to create amazing artwork with these simple-looking napkins. We offer disposable party napkins to make your party hassle-free.

Take a perfectly squared napkin and place it on a plane surface. Since it will be a perfect square, you can imagine four different quadrants on that squared napkin.

Bring the tips of all four quadrants towards the center. It should look something like this.

If you can’t hold the tips in place, you can iron the edges of the napkin to create a crease or simply use your thumb to create a crease.

Now, you’ll have another square-shaped napkin with four tips. Bring these newly created tips towards the center once again, and you’ll have something like this.

The reason for bringing these tips towards the center is to create enough slices to create the shape of rose petals later on.

Now, you need to hold the center point in place and flip the napkin upside down to start working on the bottom part. But make sure you don’t disorder the foldings up. You can press the center with your fingers and just flip it over.

You’ll be able to see a clean and plane surface without any crease or slice. Now, you’ll have four tips of the square, fold them and bring them towards the center. Until now, the napkin would be thick enough to get messed up.

So, it’s recommended to place something heavy on it. Like a glass, bowl, or anything that will hold the napkin in place will do the job.

Now, keep the center point in place by pushing it with your fingers and try to find the four flaps underneath every corner of the napkin. Bring those four flaps outwards to create the petals. Just play with the flaps and adjust them in a position so that they look like a rose with petals spreading out.

Method 02:

The second method is AMAZING! It looks like a rose with a stem and a leaf. You can add more leaves if you want to depend upon the size of your napkin. It can be used as a gift for someone, or it can also be used to decorate the table!

Well, here’s another way to make an amazing rose by using a napkin.

Take a regular squared napkin and spread it on a plane surface. Fold the napkin one-fourth from one side (edge). Fold it in a way that the edge should be placed in the middle of the first quadrant.

Now, roll the side that’s perpendicular to the one that you’ve just folded and roll it up to the end. Don’t roll it tightly - make it a loose roll with some swirls inside.

You’ll be left with a napkin roll that’s thicker from one side. Pinch the thick side from its bottom and hold it there. Meanwhile, start twisting the napkin roll that’s underneath it.

The twisting of the napkin will create a depiction of the stem. When you’re halfway through, take out one flap of the napkin and face it upwards, and with gentle adjustments, create a leaf from it.

Keep twisting the rest of the napkin roll. Now, you need to adjust the flaps of the upper part (that will be a rose) of the napkin.

Method 03:

The third method is also easy to follow, but you’ve to be sophisticated with your fingers because you’d need to do little adjustments at the end.

Take a napkin and roll it diagonally from both the opposite corners until they reach the center of the napkin.

You’d end up having a napkin that’s rolled up from corners. Tie a loose slip knot and slightly pull out the ends of the knot. Tuck in the tips of the loose ends to create a symmetrical shape.

On the opposite side, you’ll have two rolled-up flaps. Open them and bring them up towards the knot to create the petals. Now, spend some time adjusting the entire piece to create an epic rose from a napkin.

Method 04:

Take a square-shaped napkin and join the two tips to create a triangle. Keep both the flips a little bit away from each other like so.

Now, start folding the napkin from the opposite edge, almost near to the end.

Now, start folding from one of the sides along the roll to create a ball that is going to look like a roll in just a few seconds.

Leave a little tail that’s around 4-inches in length at the end, so don’t roll it up to an end.

With the tail section, you need to smartly tuck it in folding. It will make the tail disappear and will give your napkin rose a nice and tight look.

You can also use a knife to neatly tuck in the tail.

The last part is quite interesting and tricky as well. Use the tails that you can see on the top and bring them up towards the foldings of the napkin rose.

So, these were the four different ways to create adorable napkin roses that can be great for your table setting at an upcoming party.