How to Host the Perfect Cookie Exchange Party?

Is it your first time planning to host a perfect cookie exchange party? No doubt, such parties are always fun and bring lots of joy for you and your family. But if you don’t streamline it with planning and perfect management, they can cause you some stress too. Lucky you are! We have got you covered with simple steps that will guide you to throw an amazing and perfect cookie exchange party hassle-free.

Make a Guestlist for the Party

It’s always better to plan everything before the execution as it reduces the chances of any mismanagement and mishaps. Making a guest list for the party will provide you the ease and will keep you stress-free. Guest-list will let you know how many people are supposed to be your guests so you can prepare accordingly.

For the cookie exchange parties, it is better to keep the guest list short, so you can enjoy it too instead of baking cookies at the party. Moreover, experts suggest making a list a month before is ideal as it would give you a proper vision of your guests who will be coming and who will be busy with their work.

Try to send the invites a month before, so your guests wouldn’t be missing the party because of a hectic schedule.

Getting Party Supplies

The next step is to shop party supplies that you will need while decorating and serving the guests. Party supplies, like serving your guests in elegant-looking serving wares, or you might need a cake stand or a lot more that you will need to display the cookies in the buffet.

Moreover, you will also want elegant bowls and serving ware to serve your guests with style. You can go with ceramic and china-like materials, but disposables are highly recommended as they are cheap and perfect for cookie parties.

Disposable serving ware like mini plastic party supplies come with the practical benefits that will help you to wrap the party quickly than ever. You won’t need to clean the dishes after your guests leave. Instead, you can dispose of them easily.

We offer a wide variety of disposable mini bowls that will elevate your table decor at the party.

However, mini disposable plates are the perfect serving ware for the cookie exchange party. Look around to get a new disposable party supplies collection for the next party. 

Perfect Party menu

Shaping a perfect party menu isn’t a cakewalk for anyone - either you are hosting for the first or have been doing it for ages. Your guest’s food preferences would change when trends are driven. That’s why shape a perfect party menu for your cookie exchange party that your guests would love to gaze on at the party.

Save some cookies for your guests to take home and add other food items and drinks to keep them refreshed throughout the party. Moreover, if you are planning to set a drink bar then make sure you are having a stock of non-alcoholic drinks too.