How to Make a Delicious Mulled Cider?

In the crazy cold nights of winter, who would say no to hot or warm beverages? Mulled cider is a great and delicious hot beverage liked all over the US. In fact, people of every age love it, but especially adults, spiking it with alcohol and using it as a hot beverage. Making up a mulled cider might be time-consuming for you, but you do it right. It will save you time and an extra effort you have been avoiding to do. Here, you will know about the best possible way to make mulled cider quickly.

Apple Cider Guide

Apple’s are everywhere and available almost at every party of the year. So, making a mulled apple cider is what most people would find an easier job. The first thing is: get a pure fresh apple cider which shouldn’t be pasteurized, as they aren’t fresh, and would make the whole process complete for you. You can easily get it from the farmer’s store, and mostly they are placed in the refrigerator. Just grab it - you can freeze it too. Make sure you don’t get sweetened apple cider as it’s not fresh and not preferable.

Combining spices

This step is what demands time and patience from you. Combine all the spices you want to add in cider, like cinnamon sticks as long as a cigar (don’t smoke kids), ginger, freshly ground nutmeg, and cloves. Then store them in a container for several weeks before making the mulled cider. The more you wait, the more delicious the cider!

Spices floating over the top might look good, but it becomes very unpleasant when they come in with every sip. Tie up the species in a cloth or use the teabag.

Slow cooking

Once you are done with every previous step, it’s time for the slow cooking of spices you prepared for the mulled cider. For slow cooking, a slow cooker is a perfect appliance for this purpose. If you are making apple cider, then don’t add the sugar, as apple cider already contains enough sugar. Add the orange slices to the cider - it would really compliment the taste and the fragrance of the mulled cider. Once you have added a wide range of spices, apple cider, and orange slices, slow cook it for 4 hours. If you want to add alcohol, don’t add it before the slow cooking.

How to Serve the Mulled Cider?

Serving mulled cider with style is an important thing, especially for the Halloween party. It will leave an excellent impression of you being professional and sophisticated. Serve the delicious mulled cider in some classy mugs, which should really compliment your style and personality. We have a wide range of fancy plastic mugs to make serving with style even easier. Plastic mugs are disposable plastic mugs that come with various advantages like you won’t need to wash them once your guests leave. Instead, you can simply dispose of them. Moreover, the wide range of plastic doesn’t end here. Disposable cake plates should also be the part of your table to serve the cake or pastry along with the cider.