How to Make an Eco-Friendly Party Decor?

Whether it’s a small gathering or a blow-out party, you’ll want to make the event a memorable one. So make your party a sustainable one with our lovely ideas for eco-friendly party decorations.

We’re here wth some amazing eco-friendly party decor ideas for you to try.

These eco-friendly decor ideas are completely natural and compostable, which means that the party waste would eventually decompose, leaving no carbon footprint behind.

Send Digital Invitations

Digital invitations are the most eco-friendly way to send invites to your guests. If you want to invite them in a traditional style, you can use seed paper stationery and an inkless pen to write them a message.

However, digital invitations are very interesting and engaging to work with. You can choose different styles of templates according to your party theme. You can even include their favorite picture in the invitation letter and completely customize it according to your desires.

There are plenty of free templates available online: you can find hundreds and thousands of them.

Replace Balloons with Green Centerpieces

Balloons are not eco-friendly at all. Even the ones that are claimed to be green aren’t completely compostable. The eco-friendly balloons are made with pure natural latex, but it’s quite hard to find 100% natural balloons. So, the balloons also create a lot of non-degradable waste that eventually pollutes nature.

You can replace balloons with some eco-friendly centerpiece ideas. Pinterest is full of such crazy and fun ideas that you can try to enhance your party decor. Having freshly cut seasonal flowers and some bamboo sticks in a glass jar would create an epic centerpiece.

You can also create some flower art using old newspapers. You don’t have to be artistic though anything you try to create will surely attract your guests’ eyes.

Plan Your Menu Wisely

Promoting the use of animal products at parties isn’t a wise option when you’re trying to keep your party green. You need to minimize the carbon footprint by minimizing the consumption of animal products.

So, for your next party, serve something plant-based. Believe me, there are plenty of delicious recipes that you can try to make your guests love your menu. Again, the internet is full of crazy food ideas, just Google it and you’ll find some epic menu ideas.

Use Recyclable and Compostable Dinnerware

When it comes to parties, the first thing that pops up in mind is to arrange hassle-free dinnerware supplies. Plastic dinnerware is quite a in fashion these days. People prefer to use plastic dinnerware because they’re disposable. But you should only use plastic dinnerware that is BPA-free and recyclable?

You can also use our eco-friendly dinnerware, which includes sustainable birchwood flatware and all other essential party supplies. We offer the best wooden flatware that doesn’t harm the environment. Our environment-friendly flatware items will make your serving green. 

This biodegradable birchwood flatware gets to decompose naturally within 60 days, leaving no carbon footprint behind.