How to Make Your Table Setting Shine with Elegance?

Whether you are throwing a family dinner party or a formal one for business associates, the table would be where they would be sitting and coming in direct contact. 

When decorating your place for the party, your table is a canvas where you have to be creative and sketch a painting that won't just be eye-appealing to everyone but also set their mood and make them feel relaxed with its elegant display. 

Everyone can buy a bunch of enchanting centerpieces, packs of fancy candles, and bold flowers, but the trick to make them stand out in the scene is to place them creatively, so they coordinate. 

If you are the one, let us guide you on making your table setting shine with elegance and ambiance. 

Elegant Tableware Settings

You don't need to pay a hefty amount for the premium tableware to make your table's profile stand out for the proper tableware settings. An elegant tableware setting portraying a geometrical picture will make your table stand out. 

You need to get the appropriate tableware for your table and learn how to place them elegantly on the table. Of course, if you aren't following up on a theme, you don't need to go to the matching supplies, but the mismatched ones will also get the job done for you. 

Plates Settings

Start off with the elegant charge plates, as they provide an attractive background to the regular dishes. Next, provide a sleek frame to your dinner plates with suitable charger plates. Next, stack your dining plate on the charger, then the salad plate, and lastly, on the top, stack the bowl. 

Play with the color and design of the charger plate to prevent it from looking plain but rather shiny. Think of gold charger plates with matching cutlery sets and white dining plates.

Drinkware Settings

Group your drinkware on the table. Instead of placing the one glass for each setting, have different glasses for different drinks you would be serving, such as water glasses, wine glasses, and champagne flutes. 


Don't leave the flatware as it is. Get creative with the presentation of the silverware and display it elegantly. Tie them up with the fancy ribbon that you can easily find online. You can decorate the flatware pieces with beads or wrap them in elegant napkins. 

We recommend using the beads for flatware decor that are easily washable, and they wouldn't have a problem if they retain the moisture. Also, get elegant plastic flatware, as disposable flatware sets are perfect for DIY projects. 

They are pretty inexpensive, and you wouldn't need to be worried if you ruined any piece while decorating it. Also, they are disposable; you can always pull out the other one. "The Kaya Collection" is an online superstore to get inexpensive yet shiny metallic silverware at your doorstep. 


Covering your table's top with a fancy tablecloth will prevent it from looking ordinary. It's a great way to transform your table's profile by hiding the glassy or wooden texture. 

However, there are plenty of stylish tablecloths available in the market, and hunting for the perfect one for your table setting depends on what type of look you want to achieve. For instance, you may opt for the crip tablecloth or runner for the modern look and match it with the shiny metallic silverware. 

While for the stylish bohemian table settings, go for the neutral tablecloth to provide your table a clean look, and then add elegance by placing decor items, serving wares, and centerpieces of bold colors. 

You can also use the deeply hued tablecloth for the stylish bohemian settings with the elegant baroque flatware to add a shiny element to your table. 


The centerpieces couldn't be missed when it comes to table decor, as they'll provide your table with a focal point. Get creative with the centerpieces and transform their profile to bring the most out of your table settings. 

Place the centerpieces elegantly on the table, so they put everything together on the table. To place the centerpieces strategically, keep in mind a few valuable techniques.

Make sure the centerpiece isn't tall so your guests wouldn't be able to see across - keep the height 14 inches. And to place them on the perfect spot, subtract the 28 inches from the sides of the table. 

For centerpieces, you can use:

  • Flowers follow up the table's theme.
  • Classy candles with shiny candle holders.
  • Elegant and vintage vases. You can put them either vacant or make them hold flowers.
  • Twigs for providing a rustic look to your table settings. 
  • Floral runner. 

Fancy Napkins

Placing napkins with your tableware is another way to add elegance to your table settings. For the most, it's a piece of cloth merely purposed for cleaning up the crumbs while having a meal. But, if you get creative with their presentation, napkins can be a piece of art. 

Learn the napkin folding techniques to enhance your napkin presentation. It wouldn't take 20 minutes to learn a single napkin folding technique. You can incorporate the theme of your table's into them. 

For instance, if it's a Halloween party, you can create the shape of the napkins as the pumpkins. For the shiny element, go for the bold color of the napkins and make sure the quality isn't cheap. 

Classic Candles

Candles can provide your table's setting a glow to shine. It's an easy way to make everything on the table shine when the surroundings aren't too bright. Use plenty of classic candles to incorporate the shiny element into your table settings. 

Make sure the candles are unscented, as they'll prevent you from enjoying the aroma of the delicious food. However, don't compromise on aroma, as the scent won't just make your guests' mouths watery but will set the mood. 

Use the candle holders to elegantly place them along with the centerpiece. Use the stylish candle holders to get the perfect glowing centerpiece for your shiny table settings.