How to Plan Your Best Friend’s Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a celebration of a new family member coming into the family. It’s a great way of spending quality time with the mum-to-be and an excellent way to refresh your bond with her. 

Mostly, best friends arrange a baby shower for the mum-to-be, and if you are the one, then continue reading to know how you can plan a mesmerizing and unforgettable baby shower for your friend.

Ask Her first

First things first, ask the mother-to-be if she’s ready for such events as some women are shy or don’t like to be the center of attention with a big tummy. 

That’s why asking her is the first thing to do if she’s ready for it or wants it some other time. This way, you will come to know her expectations and choices that will eventually help you to cover the event accordingly. 

Baby Shower Theme

Every event demands a theme to have a certain atmosphere everyone can enjoy and love the vibes spread around. Being a host and her best friend, it’s your responsibility to choose an epic theme for a baby shower.

Moreover, if you are running out of ideas, then take the help from the internet, as there are plenty of baby shower ideas available. As her best friend you know likes and dislikes, so make sure to choose a theme that your best friend will love.

Games & Fun Activities

A good host knows how to keep his guests occupied and entertained at the event. It’s a baby shower, so plan different games and fun activities for your guests and mum-to-be to indulge them in the event. 

There’s a list of games that you can play at the baby shower, such as a price guessing game, decorating an egg like a baby, and animals’ baby names. 

For the fun activities, there’s karaoke that you and your can guests would love doing at the baby shower as everyone can contribute to it.

Baby Shower Menu

It’s a baby shower event - planning an entire menu for your guests is a must. You should start the preparation from the days ago and ask the guests if anyone has dietary restrictions. 

Planning the menu for the event depends on the timing of the event. Such as if the event is in the morning, you can serve a delicious breakfast with eggs, baked beans, and fresh bread. 

Similarly, depending on the time you can serve corresponding courses to your guests. Don’t forget to have a cake that will make everyone wow. 

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