How to Set a Buffet Table for Business Meeting?

Mixing up your business with lunch or dinner can bring out a lot of benefits for you professionally. For instance, taking your clients out to a nearby restaurant for lunch will help you analyze them from a close eye spectrum, which can lead to a better decision-making process. 

Moreover, during lunch with your client, you can pass arguments more casually and turn the business meeting into a great deal. 

But if you are having a long list of people coming over for a business meeting, then arranging perfect lunch or dinner arrangements can be a daunting task. That’s where the buffet table comes in handy. You can serve many people at the same time without any hassle.

To help you set a buffet table for your business meeting, we have composed a complete guide. Read on to find out how to make things easy at the business meeting.

Send out Invitations 

First things first - send out the invitations to your guests even though you had told them over a phone call or text. Prepare a formal invitation letter or card for your guests to keep them aware of the event. Also, it’s a formal and a great way to leave a professional impression on your guests. 

Since it’s a business meeting for lunch or dinner, make sure to send them an invitation online, as things have changed now with the revolution of social media platforms and online interactions. 

Choose a Place with Ample Space

Before you lay down your buffet table, consider looking for a place that has ample space to offer for your guests. A place with open space is a necessity for a buffet table set up, so guests can take the food from the table and wander around for gossip. 

If your place doesn’t have enough space to offer, choose different rooms for setting up the table and seating arrangements. This way, you can set a buffet table without the hassle of creating chaos at the party. 

Arrange Servingwares

It’s a business meeting, and you don’t want your guests to get disappointed with casual serving ware. Arrange the formal serving ware that will add the finishing touches to your table.

Your serving ware depicts your personality to make a great impression on your guests and serve your guests with elegant formal serving ware. 

Get formal dinnerware sets for upscale parties at “The Kaya Collection”. Whether it is dinnerware sets, serving party supplies, or disposable party trays, we have a wide variety of everything your guests will use while having a meal. 

Add Decorations to the Table

Dress up your table with the appropriate decorations, so it looks polished and provides a pleasing look to the guests. The more you put effort into the decorations, the more your guest will feel special at your event. 

Decorate your table concerning the venue. For instance, if the event is taking place outdoors, play with lights, elegant centerpieces, and fountains in the surroundings. 

Make sure the table decorations aren’t coming in guests’ way, so they can go along with a table smoothly. Add fresh greenery for floral runners to the tabletop for the elegant profile. 

You can also use the glossy vases as the centerpiece for your table. Put the fresh and colorful flowers with the vases and place them on the table. 

Take Menu Restrictions in Consideration

Menu restrictions have become a common thing now, as it is included in every event’s menu. When you are shaping your buffet table menu, make sure to have other options for the guests with dietary restrictions. 

At every single event, 30 percent of people are vegetarians, so make sure to have vegan dishes for your vegetarian guests. Also, make sure to have an extra quantity of the food, so you don’t get into any hassle when your guests help themselves. 

Place Flatware at Favorable Position

In most buffet table setup events, flatware is placed at the end of the table. Usually, guests don’t feel like taking around at the end of the table and probably end up not picking up.

So, choose a favorite place for the flatware where it’s easily accessible for everyone to grab spoons, forks, and knives whenever they need them. Moreover, for the finishing touches, wrap up the flatware in fancy ribbons or place them on a napkin. 

Plan a Balanced Menu

Having a balanced menu for your guests is one of the best things you will do at the event for them. Because planning it isn’t difficult, but having it is a daunting task. 

The trick to serving a balanced menu at your buffet menu is to serve seasonal food, as the heavy food can’t be consumed in summers. And, contrarily, light food, like fish and salad seems light in the winters. So, present dishes according to the season. 

Present Food Strategically 

The buffet is one of the best choices to host your guests on a budget. There are clever approaches that you can take to keep the food running throughout the event. For instance, put the cheapest items at the beginning of the table. 

Also, if you see your guests aren’t eating coronation chicken scones, then swap it with the dish that is being taken quickly. Moreover, if you have any item in less quantity, place it at the end of the table. 

Create a Backdrop

Since it’s a business meeting, at the end of the party it’s a common thing to take photographs with your guests. Creating a backdrop for your event will provide your guests a perfect spot to take good clicks at the event and make it a talk of the town. 

For the backdrop, choose a place that has ample space, so your guests don’t bump into each other while taking the group photograph at the end of the event. Some good lighting, ample space, and your company or business in the backdrop will get you and your guests’ perfect photos.