How to Style a Beautiful Tablescape?

Whether you are throwing a casual party with friends and family, a formal party for your business associates, or even a celebration party for your recent graduate fellow, the table is a place where your guests would be sitting and relaxing around.

Your table needs to welcome your guests, should make them relaxed and set their mood for the endless gossip. No matter what type of event you are planning, tables would be the center of the attention of that particular event. 

And apart from setting the mood, the table decor adds aesthetics to your event environment and transforms into something spectacular where everyone merely doesn’t just enjoy the food but also the vibe around. As a host, you should know how to style your table space beautifully with every possible setting and decoration. 

Let’s get into details of how you can style your table professionally for your upcoming parties and special occasions.

Add Centerpiece to the Table Top

Since your table would be the center of attention of your event, similarly, your tables need a focal point to stand out from everything around at the table’s top. 

And, with the word “Focal Point”, what else can you think of? Of course, creative and elegant centerpiece ideas for which there aren’t any hard and fast rules to follow while adding them to your tablescape. 

Whether you are setting up a long or round table, give your table’s top a focal point by adding an elegant centerpiece. A centerpiece matching the table’s decor can make your table stand out in the scene.

You can either make some creative centerpieces by DIY projects or buy them at a dollar store. There are plenty of centerpiece ideas that you can find out online to create attractive centerpieces for elevating your table’ decor.

Consider Surroundings Decoration

When you are setting your table, consider the surroundings as they will be playing a role in creating a beautiful scene. Match your decor with the tablescape, so they complement each other and bring the best out of everything present in the scene. 

For instance, if you are setting up a vintage table, then placing some glossy vases of different sizes in the surroundings of your tablescape will enhance the table profile. However, the focus should be going for the table theme and decor that will complement its surroundings, rather than choosing to change the entire place settings just to match it with the table. 

Add Fancy Tablecloth

Unless you don’t want to achieve a rustic look from your tablescape, spread out a fancy table cloth on the table’s top. Consider creating a contrast with the plates and tablecloth, as it will provide it with an elegant look. 

Experts suggest tablecloths creating a contrast with the plates directly affect your appetite and make the food taste more delicious. So, spread out a table cloth with the table runner to provide it with a polished look. 

If you are partying in the spring, then opt for the mesh white tablecloth. White table cloth can go with any table decor and brings the best out of everything presented on the table.

Elevate your Serving Style

Setting up your tablescape isn’t just about styling, but it also involves how it makes your guests feel, and this is what you should keep your main focus on. The more your guests feel special and comfortable sitting at the table, the more luxurious your table is. 

Choosing an elegant serving ware also comes under the umbrella of styling your tablescape, and after all, serving wares will come directly into your guests’ contact. So, make sure you are having elegant serving ware that elevates your serving style, complements the table’s decor, and enhances the dining experience of your guests. 

So, consider replacing your serving ware with newer ones that will add aesthetics to your tablescape. We at “The Kaya Collection” offer a huge variety of elegant and fancy plastic plates that come in different designs and colors.

Whether you need an elegant party plate set for a birthday party or a spring party, we have a wide variety of elegant disposable plates that will add elegance and charm to your tablescape. Moreover, these are disposable plates, so no more dishwashing after the party is over. You can simply collect them and throw them in a trash bag once your guests leave. 

Add Flowers & Greenery

For the last few years, flowers and greenery have become part of table decor. Flowers and plants are usually easy to arrange and also an affordable option to add a charm to your tablescape. 

Just grab some glossy vases or colorful ones and make them hold the flowers. You can also choose different sizes of vases, as they are trendy and provide your tablescape with an artistic touch. 

Moreover, you can also add the floral runner to your table’s top to provide it with a fresh look. 

Glow up your Table with Candles

Whether it’s a cake cutting ceremony at a birthday party or a valentine’s day party, candles add a warmer accent to the overall decorations. And warmer colors are ideal for evening parties and dining experiences. 

So, light up candles and consider using glossy candle holders to place candles at the table’s top. Moreover, you can use the candles with the flower centerpiece or even a floral runner. Use scented candles because fragrance helps set the mood and add aesthetic vibes to your tablescape. 

Get Creative with Napkins

Napkins are more than just a piece of cloth. They can become pieces of art if prepared creatively.      

You can transform the napkins into art pieces, instead of presenting them on the table in a casual way. Get creative with the napkins and learn folding techniques to make them attractive and elegant. 

There are numerous tutorials available online from where you can easily master the folding techniques. Also, there are plenty of folding techniques by which you can shape them according to your table theme and decor.