How to Throw a Perfect Presidents Day Party?

We had amazing leaders in our history, and in their remembrance, we spend Presidents Day as a national holiday across the country. It's an excellent opportunity to remember our great heroes plus enjoy the holiday. A Presidents Day Party is a must to throw, but how do you throw an epic party? We have got your back to guide you through Presidents Day to throw an epic party. 

Set the Atmosphere

Setting the atmosphere for the party includes decorating your venue. Print out the best quotes, sayings, a law passed by your favorite leaders, and decorate your walls. Save your favorite quote for the door decor and hang it there - so your guests know what they are coming up for. 

Another way to set the mood of your guests is to play the best national songs to inject the true spirit for the Presidents Day celebrations. Make sure you have made a list of songs days before the party. 

Refreshments and Eatables

Welcome your guests with refreshments and eatables to make them feel special. If the party isn't too long, then offer finger food like finger fries, chicken tenders, and onion rings.

For dessert, serve chocolate cookies, pancakes, and donuts to your guests. If your budget isn't congested, then consider offering different drinks. Though your guests also will be having drinks in person with themselves, a good host always offers the best to their guests. 

Serve the drinks in patriotic disposable drinkware to add patriotic touches to your table. The kaya collection offers premium plastic drinkware at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, they are disposable, so you won't need to be worried about clean-up duties at the end of the party.

Plan a Movie Night

Celebrating Presidents Day is all about saluting them and knowing about their struggle and hard work done for the motherland. What else could be the best idea to know them other than watching the movie?

There are numerous movies that you can watch with your guests on the evening of President Day. Moreover, this is the best way to teach the kids about our best leaders from the past. Set up a movie scene in the backyard of your home or inside in the TV lounge, and enjoy the evening with your kids. 

Party Games 

A good host knows how to engage the guests and make sure they are having a great time at the party. If your guests aren't into movies or they are kids, then games are the best idea to enjoy the party. 

Ask your guests to split into two teams, and then start the voting process for the presidential seat and create a senate environment at the party. A person who gets the most votes will be elected as the president. The closest person to the president will suddenly be called to save the president. 

There are plenty of games available online you can try for the Presidents Day Party. Whatever game you choose, make sure your guests enjoy it while playing it.