Ice Cream Themed Summer Party


Ice cream socials are traditional and the most welcoming events. Ice cream-themed parties are important for keeping your body fresh in the scorching heat of the summer season and work perfectly for the big ones and the little ones equally. Host an epic ice cream party with bubbly summer beverages and homemade sundaes. The most important aspect of throwing an epic ice cream party is offering the guests the best. From invitations to the décor and the tableware, everything has got to complement the exciting flavors and colors of the ice cream.

We offer the most beautiful disposable dinnerware and plastic plates to make your events epic. Their elegance creates a vibe nothing else can compete with, and it influences the mood of your guests as well. Plus, our disposable dinnerware offers hygiene and safety for the guests and the environment as you can recycle it. We also offer a sturdy and exquisite range of disposable mini flatware and fancy plastic spoons. The key benefit of our disposable mini flatware is that it can enhance the feel and look of a meal due to its sheen and texture. 

The Goodness of the Pure Ingredients

As we’ve talked about the hygiene of our disposable dinnerware and plastic plates, it would not be a pleasant idea to serve your guests with store-bought ice creams as most people are reluctant to trust the ingredients used in their making. We prefer you make them at home with the goodness of real milk and freshly made cream to ensure the better health of your guests.

DIY Sundae Bar

The most fun part about an ice cream party is having your own ice cream bar with everyone’s favorite flavors, and toppings put separately in mini plastic bowls along with some fancy plastic spoons. Make a plain ice cream base by whipping condensed milk and fresh whipping cream together. It is totally up to you if you add the flavors at this point or leave it for the guests to choose their favorite flavors. Lastly, put it in our beautiful mini plastic bowls to make it look even better.

If you plan on throwing an outdoor ice cream party, you will need to put the ice creams in a big cart of ice. Use our mini plastic bowls and fancy plastic spoons to put in different flavorings, toppings, and sprinkles for your guests to add in as per their preference. However, if you struggle between choosing different flavors, hot fudge and caramel are the most popular flavors.

Don’t Stop at Just the Ice Cream

Although it is an ice cream party, make sure you serve other foods as well. Baked Bree would be a decent choice, and serving it in our vibrant plastic plates would enhance the taste even more. Serve some chilled drink with the ice cream as well. You can also get your personalized fancy ice cream cart or trolley and decorate it with cute little embellishments according to your selected theme and make it move to the guests so they can pick their favorite ice cream from it.