Ideas for the Best March Madness Party Ever

March Madness – the time when the college basketball team competes for the championship. It’s a perfect time to throw a party and watch your favorite team playing. 

Everyone knows how to fill out the bracket, but what about throwing a March Madness Party, the best one you ever hosted? Let’s look at the Ideas for an epic march madness party.

Set the Viewing Area

Your guests are going to spend a lot of time in the viewing area, so consider rearranging your furniture settings. Make the area comfortable and cozy for your guests to sit and enjoy the match from any angle. 

Center all the furniture around the TV, so everyone gets a wide and comfortable angle to watch the match. Grab some carpets, pillows, and blankets to enjoy the madness party by grazing on the snacks. 

Plan for a Party Menu 

It’s a march madness party where you can’t go wrong with the food and drinks to graze on. However, you may opt for the food that can be prepared or ordered ahead of time. Well, there are numerous recipes you can try and serve delicious food at the party.

Ready-made wings and pizzas are good choices when you aren’t in the mood to cook. Also, don’t forget chips and dips. Moreover, consider renting a popcorn maker or hot dog warmer like in the stadium. 

Have Lots of Drinks

When you have invited long guests over to your place, consider having lots of drinks. A good host always knows how to serve his guests and keep their good mood throughout the party. Prepare a cooler and fill it up with plenty of drinks that you think your guests would love. 

Make sure you have a variety of drinks so if anyone doesn’t like a specific flavor or taste, they have the choice to drink other ones. You can serve Beer, Soda, and some delicious cocktails as drinks at your march madness party. 

Don’t forget to have fancy party drinkware made of plastic so you won’t have a pile of dirty glass waiting in the kitchen. Disposable plastic drinkware works perfectly for parties as they come with ease of clean-up. Get plastic beer glasses and a lot more from the ’’The Kaya Collection’’ online superstore at a fraction of the cost. We have a wide range of drinkware collections, from casual to fancy and executive for all special occasions.

Costume for March Madness Party

Costumes can set the environment of any place as good costumes boost your confidence. When you are sending out invitations, ask your guests to wear their favorite jerseys at the party.

This way the scene of the party will be set, and you can take some selfies and photographers for your Instagram and Snapchat stories. Decorate a specific spot where you and your guests would love to capture some good memories together in the cameras’ eyes.