Last-Minute 4th of July DIY Decor Ideas!

June arrives with the hottest summer days, and you are so relaxed about the 4th of July party. You keep putting the 4th of July party preparation and planning on the following day; eventually, June is about to end. 

No worries, we are all procrastinating somewhere in our lives, and when it comes to party decorations, it's even more challenging to start without procrastinating. 

Whether you are a person who's pro at procrastinating or didn't have enough time to plan and prepare for the party. Don't worry, as there are endless last-minute decor ideas for the 4th of July party that you can put together in a few hours.

We have handpicked some last-minute decor ideas to help you dress your party venue for the 4th of July party in a few hours. 

Unique & Creative Electronic Send-outs

Brainstorming for unique and creative party invites requires a lot of time. And, if you are running out of time, it's even more challenging to come up with epic party invitation cards to impress your guests. 

Sending out the electronic invites is the best way to complete this task. You can send party invites to hundreds and thousands of people with just a few clicks. Just create a Whatsapp or Facebook group and make it even easier to invite your guests. 

However, sending out the invitation cards seems like a good thing to do to you, then Google up the items to find printable invitation cards with the 4th of July theme. You can find plenty of unique and creative designs within a few minutes. 

You can send them to your guests either via electronic message or by using a courier service.

Enchanting Patriotic Centerpieces

When it comes to the decor part of any event, you need to be creative to come up with epic decor. However, if you aren't that one, just worry not because this centerpiece idea is ideal for you to elevate your table decor. 

All you need is to source the blueberries and cherries and stack them aligned in a container to create a perfect patriotic centerpiece incorporated with red and blue colors. You can add the white color with other fruit or other eatables to develop an ideal flag scene made of fruits.

Ensure that you are using a large tray or any container of significant size to make it stand out on the party tablescape. 

If you don't have a large serving tray to try out this centerpiece idea, check out plastic serving trays for parties from the "The Kaya Collection" online superstore. 

We have a wide range of plastic serving party supplies starting from mini cutlery, mini dinner set, and mini appetizer plates that can immediately transform the look of your party table. 

Floral Patriotic Centerpiece

Flowers are the universal decor item that can bring freshness to the scene regardless of the event. Consider beautifying your table with a floral centerpiece incorporated with the flag colors red, blue, and white. To make an enchanting patriotic floral centerpiece for your table, source the flowers of relevant colors.

You either make one bouquet of a floral centerpiece, or you can use plenty of glass jars to hold them. It's up to you what suits you, but a pile of aligned glass jars with flowers will give a fantastic look to your table. 

Patriotic Luminaries Craft

If your party starts in the evening, you must try this decor idea to add ambiance to your party space. You can use it for indoors as well as outdoor settings. 

What you need to make luminaries craft:

  1. Pickle jars. 
  2. Mini flags that you can find anywhere in the market.
  3. String lights to put in the pickle jars. 
  4. Adhesive tape that you can find in any craft store. 
  5. Twine. 

How do you make it:

To make the patriotic luminaries, start by removing the sticker from the pickle jars (if there are any). Remove the sticks from the flags if any came up with them. Next, make sure they are wrinkle-free. Finally, use the adhesive tape to make them stick to the pickle jars. 

Cover the rim of the pickle jars with twine to make them look like the pickle jars. Put appropriate lights in the pickle jars, and they are ready to make your party space glow. 

They look fantastic and instantly transform any party space's complete look and atmosphere. It's simple, less time-consuming to make, and works immediately to enhance the party decor. 

Put Flags on Display

Another last-minute decor idea is creating mini flags all around the party space. No matter if you have a giant one on display, using the mini flags at the corners, surroundings, walls, and doors will support the party's theme. 

Just grab the paper, draw lines on it to create blue and red stripes, and start. Use crayons, painting, or colored pencils to fill up the stars and stripes of the flag. You can indulge the kids in this activity to make them active and learn the importance of the event. 

Signs Boards

When you are inviting a large crowd at the casual 4th of July party, chances are they would need a guide to find the washroom at the party and many other things. 

Take advantage of this opportunity and create sign boards for the guests that'll eventually contribute to the decor part. Source the cart board, red, blue, and white spray paint, and paper.

Cut the cardboard into the appropriate shapes, spray them with the spray that matches the party theme, and cut the paper into star shapes to incorporate the flag theme. 

If this seems daunting to you, use the patriotic paper plates instead. Patriotic plates come with red, blue, and white incorporated and beautiful designs. Just paste the signs with the glue, and they are ready to beautify your party space. 

Get the patriotic plates, mini party supplies, and many other disposable serving utensils for the 4th of July party at "The Kaya Collection." They are disposable, so you can use them to craft decor items for the party and serve your guests' style.