Lovely Winter Tablescape Decor Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Winter is here, and it's the time of the year to transform your table and make it winter-perfect! However, before you start decorating for a winter tablescape, it's more important to decide what kind of winter look you are planning on creating.

Winter accompanies Christmas, which gives us all the reasons to blend winter and Christmas themes together to create something unique for your table to welcome the cold season.

If you don't have enough ideas for your winter tablescape, we are here with some lovely winter tablescape ideas to wow your guests.

1. Table Linens

Table linens, including tablecloths, table runners, napkins, and placemats, are the first things you must decide before hosting an event. You have to be very careful in choosing your table linens as they can totally change the look of your table.

Both tablecloths and table runners are optional. But if you want to dress up your table, then they are the best options. Try to use white for your tablecloth or table runner and mix it with shades of red or green.

For your charger plates, you can use red and green colors for the napkins. To make this table setting more festive, add some ferns to your napkins and wrap them up with red bows.

2. Adorn Your Table with Candles and Lights

Lighting is very important when it comes to creating a cozy ambiance. Low-level lighting, such as candles of all shapes and sizes, fairy lights, and side lamps, will give the table its overall glow.

Candelabras with tapered candles enhance the sense of whimsical traditionalism and are a sophisticated way to add height and drama to a tablescape.

The flickering of a candle enhances the sense of the winter season and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Candles with small glowing lanterns work best for your winter tablescape decor. 

Rather than using plain candles, a colorful arrangement of candles looks sumptuous and adds life to a simple table. Mix and match different candles, including votives, tapers, and pillars.

3. Add Some Fancy Disposable Bowls to Your Table

If you are tired of rushing to your kitchen every now and then to get your favorite spices to add to your food, you need to relax because spice bowls are here to solve your problem.

They are another way to add beauty and color to your table. They are available in different designs, and you can put your favorite spices like paprika, salt, saffron, and turmeric in these bowls.

It's better to bring white or silver plastic bowls on your table to achieve a winter look. You can also use these plastic bowls as your centerpiece. 

4. Green Garland For You Winter Table

Ditch a fabric table runner and instead make a table runner using flowers and leaves. A centerpiece made of fresh greenery like eucalyptus, plumose, pine branches, and ferns will bring your winter meal together.

This customized table runner makes for a beautiful spread that is perfect for photos as well as something you can leave out for decoration after meals.

This DIY foliage garland can be added to your table to give it a rustic feel or draped down the middle of a table to make a beautiful tablescape. In the end, add a few fresh flowers to the centerpiece for an extra splash of color and to connect it to the rest of your decor.

5. Marble-Filled Winter Table Centerpiece

This marble-filled centerpiece is so simple to make. Take a large mason jar and fill it with red and white marbles. Then add white and green flowers to this jar.

Red and white combined with minty green and white florals work best for your winter tablescape. Surround this beautiful centerpiece with tea-pink and red candles; your table will look amazing.

6. Spray Paint the Trees

Winter covers everything with snow. Highlight the frosty tablescape by taking some ferns or twigs and painting them with white color, so it looks like the bare trees covered with snow.

7. Decorate Your Table with Eggs

You can decorate your items with something you have on hand to create a unique look. For example, who would have thought you could create a stunning tabletop nest centerpiece using bright wooden eggs, metallic paint, and dried grass?

Eggs are especially associated with winter because they contain zinc that helps fight winter diseases like flu and cold. Take some wooden eggs and paint them with your favorite colors. You can also create different patterns on them using paints.

Take a cake stand or a big decorative bowl and add some dried grass. Next, decorate your wooden eggs on this cake stand. Finally, your winter table centerpiece is ready.

8. Choose Appropriate Dinnerware

The type of dinnerware you choose has a significant impact on your table. It sets the tone and mood of any occasion.

If you are having a winter party, you need to incorporate more white color into your table decor to give an icy cool dining experience. You can mix white with red, green, and silver colors for your serving ware. Then, mix and match your serving ware and glasses.

Instead of buying porcelain and ceramic serving ware, we recommend buying plasticware products because they are easy to handle, and you won't have to wash them.

If you are unsure where to buy the best disposable plasticware for parties, visit The Kaya Collection and choose your favorite plasticware sets.

For your charger plates, you can use red and green colors for the napkins. To make this table setting more festive, add some ferns to your napkins and wrap them up with red bows to allure your guests.

9. Faux Acorns and Pine Cones

As said earlier, white is the color of winter since it symbolizes snow. Faux acorns and pine cones always make great centerpieces for every occasion. So why not incorporate them into your tablescape to welcome winter.

Take some faux acorns and pine cones and paint them white to give a frosted look. Next, take two mason jars and fill them with faux acorns.

After this, you can spread the frosted white pine cones throughout the table to create a winter look.