Memorial Day Table Setting Ideas

One of the most awaited memorial day holidays is around the corner. If you are wondering about planning a party or a simple get-together with friends and family, you'll need to set up an elegant table. 

A party table is where your guests would sit around and relax. It shouldn't only be welcoming but also reflect the purpose and theme of your party. So, besides the patriotic table settings for the memorial day party table settings?

No doubt, it's a great time of the year to sit, relax and enjoy with your favorite people, as it's also the official summer season start. But, don't forget it's a memorial day dedicated to the soldiers of the country who sacrificed their lives for the country's prosperity. 

We have curated a list of some of the best memorial day table settings ideas to help you set up elegant table settings. The best part is you can implement all of the memorial day table settings for the 4th of July. 

Easy to Make Patriotic Mason Jar Centerpiece

When setting up an elegant table for a casual get-together, you may opt for the simple, elegant yet easy-to-make ideas. For example, the simple mason jars can be an elegant centerpiece for your patriotic table settings.

All you need is to have mason jars, some elegant flowers, and mini flags. Decorate the mason jars with fancy wrappings, or you can even leave them as it is for the minimalist look. Grab some elegant flowers of your choice and prop them in the mason jars along with the mini flags.

You can be creative with the mason jars and add more elegance to them. Use your imagination or take the inspiration from the internet for innovative ideas for the memorial day table centerpiece ideas. 

Patriotic Chairs Bows

Take your backyard table settings to the next level by incorporating patriotic touches. For example, if you will spread the red, blue, and white table cloth with the strips and start on them, then don't leave the chairs as it is. 

Make them part of the scene by putting patriotic bows on them. It's a great way to decorate the chairs effortlessly. 

Tie Flatware with Red Ribbon

Flatware isn't just about spoons, forks, and knives; they will contribute to the elegance of your table if displayed well. Elevate your table decor by tying them with the red ribbon. 

You can either go with the completely plain and simple red ribbon, or star and stripes will also provide a festive touch to your table settings. Don't hesitate to spend on the quality of the red ribbons. You can repurpose them for the other upcoming holidays of the year; valentines day and the 4th of July. 

Must-have Elegant Plates

Don't underestimate the power of the plates to transform your table's profile. Apart from the plates' placement, the plates' elegance can make a huge difference in your table settings.

Spend on the elegant set of plates to elevate your table settings. For the memorial day party, patriotic plates are the season's hit. So lay down the elegant patriotic plates with the patriotic centerpieces on the table. 

You couldn't go wrong with the plain white plates, but try to create a contrast with the background of the plates by spreading the bold color tablecloth on the table. Moreover, you can also do DIY projects with disposable plates for parties to unleash your creative instinct for the table decor. 

Get elegant plastic plates from "The Kaya Collection" at a fraction of the cost. We have many china-like plastic plates that look exactly like the real plates. And the best part is that all plastic party plate sets are disposable. So you wouldn't need to wash the pile of the plates at the end of the party. 

String Lights

You have to gather everything on the table, from the thoughtful centerpieces to elegant serving wares and fancy table cloth, but what about the ambiance? It will be a next-level add-on for your table's settings; elegance adds ambiance to it. 

Use red, blue, and white string lights to add ambiance, or classy candles can also be used to add glow to your table settings as well as the decor items. Use the glass-made candle holder to use them as a centerpiece for your table settings. 

Be Thoughtful with the Table Cards

Putting cards on the table is an excellent way to enhance your table's display. Make your table's show enjoyable by putting a nautical place card. You need a minimal version of a nautical place card and put them on your table settings for your guests to recognize their spots. 

If you plan a grand party or set up a buffet table at a small-scale party, get creative with the cards and use the nautical place cards to provide the titles to dishes. 

Get Creative with Napkin

Who thought the napkins could be a piece of art for your table settings? We thought about it, and there isn't a better way to present your napkins elegantly and creatively on the table.  

Napkins folding techniques aren't old enough, and you can implement napkin folding ideas for any holiday table setting. For example, instead of placing the napkins along with flatware or wrapping them around the silverware, fold them to shape them as stars.

Use the folding techniques to shape the napkins as stars and use them to incorporate patriotic touches to your table settings. There are plenty of napkin folding tutorials available online form where you can quickly learn the new technique in a few minutes. 

Enhance Food Display

Impress your guests by incorporating patriotic touches into the food presentation. A lot can be done with the food to make things cooperate on your memorial day table. 

Use pans of cake and decorate them by using cherries for red, blue jelly for the blue, and white cream for the white color. There are plenty of recipes that you can try at your next memorial party. Search for them online and find out what suits your taste.