Napkin Folding - Bread Basket Fold

Napkins' charm and elegance are often underestimated. They are part of your table decoration and can elevate it even more if used appropriately. But, for most, they are just a piece of a fancy cloth, mainly used for wrapping the flatware and then for the dining experience. 

However, if you are working on them a little more, they can become a piece of art and eventually a decoration piece of your tablescape that you can put on display and use too. 

Regarding the breadbasket napkin fold, it works great to keep your bread warm on the table. Plus, it's great to be creative about your tablescape and enhance its decor. 

If you are looking for ideas for a napkin bread basket folding technique, this blog will have all the tips and tricks on napkin folding ideas. So stick to the end to find more ideas to enhance your tablescape with disposable paper napkins. 

How to Turn the Napkin Into a Bread Basket in Simple 5 Steps?

Here's how you can turn a simple napkin into a bread basket to keep bread warm and fresh. 

Step 1: First, lay the napkin flat on a plane surface and ensure it's adequately ironed, or use the fancy paper napkins to kill the hassle of ironing the napkins. 

Step 2: Next, grab all the corners of the napkins and put them in the middle to get a diamond shape. After folding all the corners of the napkin, give it a little press with an iron for the best option (it's optional, you can continue folding without it). 

Step 3: Pick up the napkin carefully so it stays together, and then flip so the upside becomes the downside of the napkin. 

Step 4: Next, grab the corners of the napkin one by one manner and repeat step 1; fold all the corners, so they are in the middle of the napkin. Now, you should get a diamond shape again, but with a smaller size. 

Step 5: On folding all the corners, you'll get a perfect 4 pockets of the basket napkin that you can use to keep the bread or anything you think will fit it in to provide the best results. 

How to Fold a Napkin to Get a Perfect Two Pocket Bread Basket?

As mentioned above, press the napkin with an iron to remove all the wrinkles and get the best results. And, prefer the best quality napkin fabric, as it has different types of shine and elegance.

Step 1: lay down the napkin plan to look like a square. Next, start folding the napkin by the top edge a little bit, and repeat this step with the bottom edge of the napkin.

Step 2: Grab the folded bottom edge again, fold it a little bit, and repeat it with the top edge side of the napkin. 

Step 3: Hold the napkin's right and left sides and flip them upside down. Be careful while reversing the side, so you don't have to start from zero again. 

Step 4: Then, grab the left side of the napkin, drop it in the middle, and repeat it with the other side of the napkin. Overlap the right side of the napkin on the left side.

Step 5: Now, take the right edge of the napkin and tuck it inside the left edge of the napkin that has become a pocket now. After tucking in the edges, close it up and flip it. Now you have got a nicely done bread basket napkin fold.

After performing the steps mentioned above, iron the napkin to make it look like you never folded it.

Why Should You Make Bread Basket Napkin? 

The bread basket napkin fold works excellent as a container to keep the bread warm and fresh compared to the other containers. It's a next-level way to elevate your table decor, other than its practical use.

If you are looking for thoughtful and creative ideas to elevate your table's decor, then play with the napkins' presentation on your tablescape to impress your guests.

Moreover, a napkin bread basket is also the best solution for picnic parties, instead of other containers.

You might come up with the idea of using the plastic container, but the research conducted at various labs states that it's not healthy to keep the edible items at a high temperature for some time.

When the warm food is kept in a plastic container, the dangerous substance of a Plastic BPA container migrates to the food and makes it unhealthy. This is why you should consider using the napkin to create a bread basket with a folding napkin technique.

A Few Important Tips Before You Start Folding Your Napkin

Before the folding napkin technique, learn some essential tips and tricks to get the best napkin folding results. 

When preparing your table for a special occasion, iron the napkins to get the best results, as pressing them would enhance their look and elegance. Also, invest in good-quality napkin fabric, as the better material will elevate your table decor. 

If investing in premium quality napkins isn't your thing, then consider using paper napkins. They are pretty inexpensive and work just like linen-like napkins. Don't worry about the elegance of the table decor; they look exactly like real napkins. 

Also, your guests will be able to notice the difference whether they are paper-made or the real ones. Moreover, the paper napkins work best when it comes to minimizing the after-party mess. 

They are paper-made napkins, so they are disposable, and you can always discard them just like tissue paper or any other disposable item. 

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