Non-Alcoholic Halloween Drinks That Are Spooky and Delicious

Halloween brings lots of seasonal gifts, lovely and cozy weather, plus the opportunities to reunite with your people and enjoy your sweet treats with them. So, enjoy this much with the delicious and spooky drinks to indulge in at the moment with your people. You love drinks but running out of ideas to make them spooky and delicious like us? Well, here you’re going to learn about some of the best drinks ideas to cover up your Halloween. 

Sour Apple Concoction

The drinks you are going to learn about are colorful and full of character, which is exactly how you want your Halloween party to be. This first drink looks like it was made by mad scientists. It’s green, and it’s in a beaker, mainly it’s a beaker part. To make this drink, all you need is some sour apple liquor, a little vodka, and a dash of your favorite green sports drink. Next, pour it into a stylish beaker or else use Halloween party glasses and garnish some extra special sour candies. Now, serve it in a lovely glass to make it look ever spooky.

Candy Corn Cocktail

Our next drink turns candy corn into something actually edible. First, take out your candy corn and use it to infuse vodka. Let it get mixed for an hour or so. Then, take out your infused vodka and very gently pour it over the back of a spoon to layer the liquids. Now, use the whipped cream over the top, garnish some candies and then serve in the fancy plastic cocktail glasses.

Spicy Smoky Potion

This one is a delicious, spicy, and smoky potion. How do you make it? Well, first things first, make a sage simple syrup. This process just includes heating up water, sugar, and sage. Once you are done with making sage simple syrup, strain and set it aside, and now you are ready to make your smoky and spooky drink. This drink is basically a margarita. You will require mescal, lime juice, a very dark, and tart juice of your choice. 

This drink is for cardio, and it involves lots of shaking, so shake, shake and shape it up. A little twist - use some dry ice to give it an extra spooky smoky potion effect. Finally, garnish it with adorable cinnamon sticks and two sage sprigs on the top of the stick. Now, it will look like a poison apple, smoky, spooky, and yet delicious at the same time.

Serve your Halloween drinks with style

As an adult, you have to find new ways to enjoy Halloween. So why not have fun with it. Drinks are like cocktails are a lot like holidays. They are about celebration, and they are about bringing people together. Smarty's elegant disposable drinkware elevates your serving style to make an impression on your guests. All the drinkware is made up of plastic so no need to clean disposable plastic wine glasses after the party is over.