Outdoor Table Settings Ideas for BBQ Party

BBQ parties are pretty simple to manage and don’t require a lot of effort to do. They are casual ones yet enjoyable and entertaining. If you don’t want the hassle of throwing a fancy party, then a BBQ party is a perfect choice, as you won’t need to do a lot of planning, selecting a venue, and many other arrangements. 

For BBQ you just need a backyard, some grills, prepared BBQ ingredients, and your friends and family around you to spend quality time. For the rest of the arrangements, let us help you as we have come up with some of the creative, easy yet elegant table settings ideas for your BBQ party. 

Backyard BBQ Party Ideas

Backyard BBQ parties can be one of the easiest ways to have fun, quality time, and of course, the food to enjoy. Plan a bbq party in your backyard as you won’t need to carry or transport everything a long way. Everything you need will be a few steps away, and also serving your guests will be much easier. 

Consider arranging a bbq party in your backyard, and bring proper sitting arrangements for your guests. Decorate your backyard, so it gives some good vibes to everyone when the party is going on. For the table settings, grab some casual chairs, spread some fancy table cloth on the tabletop, and you are good to go with the table settings. 

However, if you run out of chairs and tables, then have some lay bails and cover their top with a fancy cloth. This way, you can accommodate a large crowd arriving at your bbq party.  

Background Music

Without the music, the party won’t be completed as it gives life to your party. As a host, you need to make sure your guests are engaged and enjoying the party. Music is the best way to make everyone enjoy the party and set their mood.

Start preparing party music playlists days before the party, so you don’t need to think and plan about what next you should play. 

DIY Centerpiece

Your table would be the place where your guests would be sitting and spending most of their time while enjoying the delicious bbq. Your table should welcome them and look appealing. Try some DIY centerpiece ideas and elevate your table’s decor. Grab some fresh flowers, wrap them with a ribbon and place them in some elegant vases. This is the simplest and easiest way to transform your table’s profile.

Play with Light

If you are arranging a bbq party at night, consider using some colorful lights to create a mesmerizing environment. Light can transform your backyard into a spectacular venue ready for the party. 

If you have trees in your backyard, wrap lights around them and hang chandeliers to add aesthetics to your party venue. 

Moreover, avoid using too many bright lights - instead, use warmer lights as they affect the human brain and set their mood. Keep the focal point of lights on the trees to create a magical effect in your backyard. 

Light Candles

If flowers don’t work for your table settings, then consider lighting some candles on the table. It will provide aesthetic touches to your table and will spread some romantic vibes around.

Use mini glass vases or glass jars and light some candles inside them. You can light as many as you want. If your table is longer in size, then place them on a runner as a centerpiece for your table. 

Beach BBQ Party Idea

If a backyard party doesn’t suit you or you want some fresh air outdoors, then you might opt for the beach bbq party. No doubt, after long wintry days summer parties are a big relief for everyone and especially the party lovers. 

Beach bbq can be a great source of enjoyment and fun with your friends and family. For the beach bbq party, use casual foldable chairs for sitting and foldable tables to serve and eat. 

Foldable furniture works best when you want to party at one of your favorite outdoor spots. They take less space, and they are easy to carry. You can place them in your car’s trunk along with other party supplies such as serving ware and bbq ingredients.

Use Disposable Serving Ware

If you don’t have the luxurious table and serving ware arrangements, consider using the disposable serving ware as they would completely transform your table’s profile. Your table’s decor is connected with the serving ware you serve with.

So, to prevent your table from looking dull or casual, bring elegant disposable serving ware. We have a great variety of disposable flatware that comes in various colors and designs. Consider using the plastic flatware sets and plates as after-party clean-up would be a breeze. 

Utilize your surroundings as Party Decor

As you will have to go a long way to throw a bbq party, carrying everything along might seem a daunting task. So, using your surroundings as your party decor is the best choice, and it’s more simple and easier to do.

Grab some seashells and place them inside a glass jar to create an elegant yet minimalist centerpiece for your beach table. 

Use Beach Mats

If you don’t have enough chairs to accommodate your guests, make sure to bring some beach mats. They can work well for sitting arrangements for bbq parties. They are easy to carry and take less space. 

Bring Canopy

If you are throwing a bbq party in the daylight, consider using a canopy to prevent your guests from burning in the sun. Also, you can set up your tables in the canopy. There is a canopy that comes in a larger size, which can be the perfect dining place for your guests at the beach bbq party.

You can also use some white cotton cloth to cover the canopy from getting warmed up in the glaring sun. It will also make your spot look nicer and more elegant.