Pintestested Ideas for an Elegant Wedding Reception

When planning a wedding, you must be overwhelmed while exploring ideas. However, there are a lot of f things to consider while having an elegant wedding reception that you and your guests would remember for ages. 

However, if you google the wedding reception ideas, you will most likely narrow your path toward an elegant wedding that fits your style and imagination. The blogs, with tips and tricks, creative decor ideas from Pinterest, and affiliate links embedded in the blog, will definitely make it easier for you to plan an elegant wedding reception. 

We have curated a list of Pinterest ideas to help you have an elegant wedding party that's not unique but creative and attractive enough to hold a statement.

Starlit Ceilings

Stars and the moon are often related to the couple's romance, and what could be the better idea to reflect it in the wedding decor? A starlit ceiling can make a huge difference to even moderate wedding decor. 

Consider having a starlit ceiling with appropriate decorations to match the theme. For example, to have a starlit ceiling for your wedding reception, make sure it's at nighttime with a brilliant show. The rest of the decor can be done with the string lights or LEDs that'll light up the other decor. 

Having neon lights is also a perfect idea to add aesthetics to the venue. You can use a variety of neon lights to hang from ceilings to create a mesmerizing effect. 

Glitter Balloons

Can't think of better ideas to decorate the ceilings or can't find the affordable ones that fit your budget and your venue? Here's the cheapest and effortless idea to decorate your venue ceilings within no time.

Consider dipping the balloons in the glittered and tying them up with the back of the chairs. You can have helium balloons that'll touch the ceilings to fill up the vacant space and make the venue intimate.

Play with the color of the balloons that match the wedding decor and the color scheme. It will make everything look coordinated and well put together. 

Greenery Florals and Garlands

Another way to decorate the ceilings is to have greenery and florals hung throughout the venue. It's a perfect decoration idea to make the decor look fresh and add a tropical element. 

You don't have to go hard with the garlands. Greenery with flowers of your choice tied on the wreath will do the job. You can even include the lights along with them and hang them in the welcome area from where the guests would enter the venue. 

Glittered Glassware Centerpiece

Regarding the table decor for wedding receptions, the centerpiece can make a huge difference. Placing centerpieces on the table's top is the quickest way to make the scene stand out. 

Use the disposable glass and dip them in the glitter to give them a fancy decor touch. Choose different sizes of plastic wine glasses to create a flair effect. It's preferable to use disposable wine glasses. If your first attempt at decorating them goes wrong, you can pull out the new one. 

You can also use elegant plastic wine glasses to serve the guests, as they make the clean-up relatively easy and reliable. Get the disposable plastic wine glasses "The Kaya Collection" at a fraction of the cost. 

We have a great variety of glasses you can't use to serve the guests at formal events but are perfect for DIY projects for your wedding or birthday party decor. 

Giant Sized Letters

The giant sizes are popular nowadays and are often seen in the city centers and famous places like "We Love Paris." Consider having big-sized letters to elevate the decor of the venue. 

Think of having the couple's name on it in the wooden texture with the Edison bulbs to create the aesthetic effect at night. It can be put on the dance floor or the stage. It's the perfect idea for the couple tying the knot to pose in front of it for a memorable photoshoot session. 

You can use the big-sized letter balloons for the couple's stage decorations. The metallic letters balloon look epic and are trending in the event planner industry. 

Have Sentiments as Backdrop

Can't think of any better idea to be creative with the wedding decoration? Have your favorite quotes, some romantic lines, or anything that expresses the love for your partner as a backdrop.

Hanging the most delicate and fancy linens and wooden pieces with sentiments engraved on them will elevate the decor. You can get creative with the backdrop decorations, like the linens, and have creative sentiments on display. 

If the wedding event takes place at night, having neon lights around your favorite quote's texts will mesmerize everything. 

Personalize Tables

The little things added to the event's decor or creative items put on display make a massive difference in making the scene stand out. Consider getting personal with the tables by telling your guests about your story. 

Explain the story about how you and your partner met. You have infographics embellished with the wedding theme with a love story explained to it. This will surely fascinate everyone seated at the table. Put the cards on the table, so guests can read them when they are sitting.

Get Creative with the Seating Arrangements

Most wedding event seating arrangements are about aligning the chairs to create a straight line. However, you can get creative with the seating arrangements to create a unique scene for the venue. 

Instead of traditional seating arrangements, you can have the seating arrangements in a closed circle and a couple's chairs in the center. Or, you can skip the idea of having the couple in the center. 

You can even go beyond the tradition of having fancy chairs by having transparent chairs. They are popular these days and make a massive difference in wedding settings. There is no need to use fancy chair covers, but the transparent material will do the job.