Plan your Party with Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

Wondering about throwing a party but couldn't be more thoughtful about it? This is one of the most common things a host encounters while planning for a party. Throwing a party isn't a difficult task, but planning it and thinking about where to start it is difficult.  

We recommend you plan your party with eco-friendly dinnerware sets and let it be a unique and different experience for everyone at your party. Eco-friendly supplies are getting more and more popular day by day, and the reason is they literally bring a "Cool" element to your party. 

There was a misconception among people regarding eco-friendly supplies, but gone are those days, as now using the eco-friendly dinnerware makes you a thoughtful person - a person who doesn't love to throw and cares about the environmental issues. 

Here's how you should be planning your party with eco-friendly dinnerware sets that bring uniqueness and natural elements to your tableware. 

Why Should You Use Eco-friendly Dinnerware Sets?

Planning a party is all about turning a casual place into something mesmerizing that looks fantastic in everyone's eyes. And this leads to decorating the tableware with the ongoing trends in the market. 

This is where the eco-friendly biodegradable dinnerware sets become the essential party supplies for styling up the party tables. They are pretty trendy and bring the "cool" to your tableware and offer practical benefits over the other options available in the market. 

Whether you are a hard-core party lover who plans parties frequently or a host who gets to serve once in a blue moon, the eco-friendly dinnerware sets are perfect supplies to style your table by avoiding the conventional dinnerware sets and trying something new that makes you go green. 

Enchanting Eco-friendly Plates

There's a misconception regarding the eco-friendly plates that they are either too dull or lack the fancy element in their profile. However, the eco-friendly dinnerware sets industry has massively evolved with time. 

Their offerings don't only enable you to have a green element in your party but allow you to have a hassle-free after-party cleanup.

The palm leaf plates by "The Kaya Collection" offer practical benefits, as they are disposable in nature and don't require to be cleaned up or washed after you are finished with them. Instead, you'll have to discard them just like tissue paper. 

The palm leaf plates are made of palm leaves gathered, compressed, and heated to shape them for the desired designs. The palm leaf plates aren't eco-friendly, but the manufacturing process is also eco-friendly. 

This making of palm leaf plates provides them with the wooden texture key to their elegance, making the perfect party tableware for casual and upscale parties. 

Whether you are planning to have a vintage party theme or a rustic one, the wooden texture of palm leaf plates will pop up on your table's top. Just skip spreading a fancy table cloth and let the eco-friendly plates cooperate with your table's texture. 

Style your table's top with eco-friendly supplies and give your guests an excuse to take selfies around your elegant party tables.

Classic Eco-friendly Bowls

When planning a party with eco-friendly tableware, the biggest challenge is finding party supplies of every type, including the bowls.

Thanks to the "The Kaya Collection," where you can get compostable leaf bowls and every type of party supply that you'll need to organize your party table by going green. 

The bowls are essential party supplies to serve the meal in a more significant quantity at once, so you don't have to make short trips to your kitchen for refilling purposes. They are also best for serving the soup or other liquid dishes that you may include in your party menu. 

We have a wide range of eco-friendly bowls in different shapes and designs with a unique wooden texture to match the eco-friendly plates you'll be using for your eco-friendly party table. 

Whether you are looking for a round-shaped bowl for soup serving or a square-shaped bowl for providing your tableware with a nice little symmetrical look, we have got your back with anything you need. 

The special chemical-free coating makes the bowls durable and sturdy, which kills the hassle of being extra careful while using them as you have to be with the glass-made bowls. 

Bonus is; that they are microwaveable bowls, as they don't contain any chemical toxins. This means you can easily use them for reheating your food/meal without being worried about dangerous potential toxins migrating to your food. 

Elegant Eco-friendly Cutlery Sets

One of the annoying things about the party as a host you have to face is the after-party cleanup. It gets worse and more time-consuming when you have to wash every piece of cutlery from spoons, forks, and knives your guests used while having a meal. 

With disposable eco-friendly cutlery, you can quickly kill the hassle of washing every flatware piece. Disposable eco-friendly cutlery sets are the savior when you are styling your table by going green and looking for party supplies that offer a minimal cleanup. 

We have many elegant eco-friendly cutlery sets with a wooden texture similar to the other party supplies, like plates, bowls, and trays. This means you don't have to look for the different options for the flatware choice to match it with your other eco-friendly supplies. 

An eco-friendly flatware set will enable you to have tableware that doesn't cooperate with each other but provides your table an organized look for casual and formal settings. 

Eco-friendly Trays Collection

You have everything to set up an elegant and enchanting eco-friendly party tablescape, but what about serving the drinks, bite-sized food, or finger food? This is where the trays come in handy and enable you to carry drinkware all at once, and we aren't behind at them. 

Complete your eco-friendly party supplies with our eco-friendly trays collection that is sturdy and durable enough to carry the stack of glasses. 

Whether planning a home-based party or going to your favorite picnic spot for the party, you won't need to worry about the after-party cleanup. You can always discard them as regular disposable items.