Simple Table Setting Ideas for a Breezy End of Summer Bash

Are you planning to host an end-of-summer bash this season but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! The Kaya Collection is here to get you covered. Unleash your inner creativity and set up perfect party tables with these effortless ideas.

Pick a Theme

The first and the most important step while planning for a party is picking the right theme. If you are decisive enough to choose whatever suits you, it will become really undemanding for you, and everything else will just naturally follow. However, if you are facing difficulty choosing between different themes, we will help you. You can throw a BBQ or an ice-cream-themed party. If you want to experience camping while staying in the comfort of your home, a backyard picnic party never disappoints.

Bring Color to the Table

Bid the summer season a heartfelt goodbye and throw a vibrant end-of-summer bash. Start out by laying a beautifully colored tablecloth onto your table and complement it with our colorful disposable plates. Our summer party dinnerware and disposable plastic drinkware enticingly beautify your party tables. We have an entirely different section where you can shop by color. This will make your table setting much easier and give you a better understanding of color combinations.

Create a Tropical Vibe

Nothing beats a tropical party inspired by nature and its freshness. This involves decorating with bright colors and creating a casual vibe at a party. Make your end-of-summer bash more refreshing with tropical decor and our summer party dinnerware. Our colorful disposable platesplastic serving tablewareplastic flatware for parties, and disposable party bowls make up for a perfect Luau party.

Floral Centerpieces

One of the most important elements on a party table is the flowers. Arrange them in a striking way, and they will stand out. You can choose whatever color you want, but it should complement the theme. The aroma of these floral centerpieces will catch the attention of your guests right away.

DIY Candle Stands

Candlelight has the ability to set the mood of any event right away. Even if you are throwing an outdoor party, make cute DIY candle stands with the disposable carafes from our disposable plastic drinkware collectionThese candles, along with the floral centerpieces, will create an unparalleled vibe.

It all Comes Down to the Tableware

We cannot deny the fact that the plates and serving ware matter the most. A high-end plastic serving tableware can affect the overall dining experience of the guests. The visual appeal influences the taste of the food. So, the smartest choice will be to serve your healthy meals on our summer party dinnerware and plastic serving tableware. We take pride in saying that we do not use any toxic chemicals in making our disposable plastic drinkware and dinnerware. Decorate an exceptionally gorgeous party table with our disposable party bowls and plastic flatware for parties. Their alluring designs and gorgeous aesthetics will make your guests beg for more.