Streamline the Cleanup Process with Our Disposable Plate Range

If we all can agree on one thing, it is the fact that cleaning a stack of dirty dishes after a party is one hell of a task!

The past couple of years have changed our lifestyle in a lot of ways, and we have kind of got adapted to those changes. Even the most basic life decisions are influenced by health perspectives and the goal to eliminate the risk of possible infections. It would be safe to say that how we used to lead our lives before the pandemic was a lot different than what it is after the pandemic is over. The main reason for this is that some of those ‘safety protocols’ we adapted during lockdown are so helpful to us that we just simply don’t want to leave them behind.

One of those parameters is the use of disposable plates in events. The disposable dinnerware market observed a dramatic change in sales during the corona times. This increase in sales was simply because disposables are safe to use and are easy to get rid of, making them perfect to keep everyone’s health in check.

Besides a health perspective, there are numerous other benefits that you can avail of if you incorporate disposable party plates in your events. Top of the list is their easy disposal. Throw them in a recycle bin, and you are good to go.

The Dreadful Task of Washing Dishes

Dishwashing is indeed the most tiring chore. The Atlantic recently published an article according to which doing dishes is a cause of creating conflicts among many couples. This is simply because it is an unrewarding task that requires you to stand for hours by the kitchen sink just to wait for them to get dirty again.

Also, no one appreciates your efforts in doing this task. It’s not that they should give you an award for this, but I mean, it just doesn’t count as a task. No one praises it the way they appreciate a well-cooked dinner, a nicely-decorated party venue, or the drinks they get served.

If you have a party situation going on in the house, you get slapped in the face by hundreds of dishes just laying in the sink, waiting for you. Why go through this much grind when all you can do is get an alternative to reusable dishes?

Incorporate Our Disposable Plates in Your Events

Like any other time-consuming task, people want an easy way out of this problem, which is, well you guessed it right, the use of disposable dinnerware in big events like weddings and get-togethers. They make the after-party cleanup no big deal and help you take a rest after a busy day. However, you need to look for a thing or two before getting a disposable dinnerware set for yourself.

You need to use disposable plates that are one of a kind. By that, we mean that they should not only be safe for health but also look ravishing when placed on a party table. In other words, they should be worth putting on your party or wedding tables. For that purpose, you will require to spend a long time researching before purchasing disposable dinnerware. We, taking full responsibility for making your events go perfectly smooth, have made that task easier for you.

Don’t waste your time watching thousands of products on a website and reading their reviews thinking - this is the only way to get yourself a perfect dinnerware. Let us introduce you to our elegant disposable dinnerware collection that is one of a kind. We are thrilled to tell you that we do not, and will not, compromise on the quality of our products when it comes to your celebrations.

The variations in designs and patterns of our fancy disposable plates give you the freedom to choose what fits your party requirements. And they do not require you to break the bank because they are affordable. What else do you need when you are availing all the benefits in one dinnerware?

Advantages of Our Disposable Plastic Plates

Disposable plastic plates, apart from their easy riddance, hold a variety of benefits to offer. Whether you are a restaurant owner or someone throwing a party for your friends, our disposable party plates are a must for you.

For Restaurants and Caterers

If you are a catering company or a restaurant, you can NOT have disposable dinnerware. Employees from big restaurants come to social media platforms to rant about the hectic task of doing the dishes and the worst, getting paid less. Get disposable dinnerware in bulk and make this thing about your restaurant that you care for your employees. You can purchase them at wholesale price from The Kaya Collection. This will generate a word of mouth for your restaurant, and your sales will surely increase.

Save on Both Water and Time

Since we all have been talking a lot about environmental stability, it’s high time that we realize that washing dishes itself is against the environment. The amount of water wasted during dishwashing is around 27 gallons per load. Also, most people don’t bother turning off the tap when they are scrubbing the dishes, which leads to an increase in water wastage.

Disposable plates help you save the planet by saving water. Also, do you think the amount of time you spend washing dirty dishes is worth it? You would have been spending that time chilling out or taking a nap if you had got yourself a disposable dinnerware set.

They are Recyclable

We cannot forget to mention the recyclability of our plates while talking about the planet’s safety. Dump them in a recycle bin and go on with your day.

Unique Products for Your Celebrations

Don’t fear that you might get boring white plastic plates that look the same in most restaurants and parties. All of our products are of unique designs and discrete patterns to beautify your party tables while making the cleanup a cinch. Take a look at our disposable plate range, and you will know how elegant and unique our plates are.