Summer Party Hosting Essentials

Did you know that summer is the best time for a party? It's a perfect time to throw an endless party with friends and family, spend quality time with them, and create unforgettable memories to remember until the next one. 

However, throwing any party requires essential items that'll make your party an epic one. Can't figure out what essentials you should have for the summer party? Well, we have curated a list of them for you; all you need to do is to explore them here below and find which would take your party to the next level.

Drink Dispenser

It's the summer party, and you and your guests are more likely to drink a lot of water, juices, and beverages not to enjoy the party but also to stay hydrated throughout the party. 

The traditional way of serving the drinks is handing them over when they arrive at the party, but the practical and the best way is to let them help themselves. Set up a drink station at the party or use the drink dispenser so guests don't have to ask you each time they need a drink. 

It makes it easier for the guests to enjoy drinks at the party whenever they need to conveniently and keeps you at ease since they won't be asking you for refills. There are plenty of dispenser styles available; however, you should choose one that fits your settings perfectly. 

Disposable Drinkware

It's always great to have elegant drinkware on the tabletop as accessories and serve the guests. When choosing elegant drinkware, there are plenty of options in the market; however, disposable drinkware seems to be the best on the list. 

The hassle-free party cleanup, inexpensive price tag, and variety of designs and styles make the disposable drinkware ideal for events. So whether you are hosting a long list of people in the backyard or taking a flock of your favorite people to the picnic party, the disposable will always keep you at the cleanup, transportation, or durability. 

Can't figure out where to get the elegant drinkware glasses? The Kaya Collection offers a variety of disposable plastic drinking glasses perfect for special events like summer parties. We have everything you need to enjoy and serve the drink with style. 

Ice Buckets

Don't forget to have plenty of ice to make your guests chilled. Ensure you have a lot of ice in the freezer ready for the party day, so you don't have to run for the ice in the middle of the party. And, remember, no one would like to do a little chore even though they offer it. 

One or two days before the party, ensure you have enough ice ready for the party. Plus, source the containers, coolers, and buckets to keep it chilled throughout the party. Finally, consider decorating the ice buckets with DIY projects, such as painting them with vibrant colors. 

Pool Toys

Most people have summer parties to have fun and joy at the poolside. The summer parties become the ultimate fun when swimming, diving, and soaking around the pool. If you also plan a summer pool party, consider taking it to the next level by sourcing pool toys.

Pool toys aren't just for kids or teenagers; older adults will enjoy them while in the water. The kids can play with them in the water, while the older guests can soak on the water's surface and enjoy their favorite drinks. Doesn't it sound rich and luxurious?

There are plenty of pool toys, depending on what you are looking for. The pool volleyball game, inflatable beer pong table, and waterproof cards are trendy if you want fun. 

Fire Pits

A couple of favorite people around you, a bonfire, and plenty of snacks and slow music. What else could you need to vibe at the party? If you plan to host a dinner party, consider setting a bonfire in the backyard. 

Don't forget to provide your guests with blankets, soft spreadings, or comfy pillows to comfortably sit around at the fire pits. For the entertainment part, consider a jamming hour. Ask any of your friends with singing skills to sing the songs. You can even plan a competition among the guests and determine the reward for the best singer. 

Portable Chairs

If you're low on storage space, consider renting portable chairs from local event planners. They are pretty conveniently transportable when planning a picnic party. If you're considering throwing a party outdoors, a couple of portable chairs are an essential item. 

Consider buying them in bulk at inexpensive sales if you need them frequently for the party. There are a lot of super online stores that offer portable chairs. Also, look for promotional deals for cheap portable chairs. 

String Lights 

When the sun sets, be prepared to light up the party space with the string lights. They won't just add ambiance to your party scene but will also light up the decoration of your party. Let the party go on even after the evening. 

There are plenty of color varieties in string lights; consider coordinating them with your party's theme so everything is put together at the party. We recommend leaving the string lights installed in your backyard, so you don't have to deal with the hassle of installing them each time you plan a party. 

Music & Setting Tone

Music really sets the mood for the whole event, and you want to have it playing when your guests arrive. And, you don't want to fuss with it too much during the party. So, you may want to create a couple of long playlists that'll go on throughout the party. 

Creating the perfect music playlist depends on the type of party you're hosting. For instance, if you are having a casual get-together with friends and family, consider cheering up at the party with upbeat music tracks. 

Ensure to have some good quality speakers, and if you are partying outside somewhere by the seaside, Bluetooth speakers would be an essential entertainment item.