The 11 Biggest Wedding Trends in 2022

Like any other year, in 2022, we had to forget some past trends and welcome the new ones. Many postponed weddings are happening this year, so couples want to celebrate their weddings in unique ways while staying trendy. We're about to share some really cool wedding trends for 2022.

Before we begin, we feel it is important to mention that these trends are only for your assistance. If you feel like you can do something innovative and more creative, you must go with what your heart says and host your wedding just how you want.

Micro Weddings

Intimate weddings became a trend during the lockdown, and we all thought they would go away once this Covid situation was over, but hey, we were very much wrong there. Micro weddings are not going anywhere, and we shall tell you why.

They offer a variety of different benefits. The most dominant one is their inexpensiveness. If you thought of saving money during your wedding earlier, you would be considered a skinflint. But since it has become a trend now, you will look cool by following it and will not have to break the bank - so it's a win-win situation overall.

Moreover, micro weddings are perfect, particularly for all the minimalist couples out there that don't feel like having an extended wedding.

Multi-Day Wedding

Multi-day weddings are about spending more time with your guests and ensuring everyone is served right at the wedding. Also, there is no need for a marriage to start and end in one day, while it took months of planning.

Weekend weddings are the best option if you consider having a multi-day wedding spanning from Friday night to Sunday evening so that everybody can easily make it to the event.

It also allows you to bring many ideas and themes to life, which you can not in a single-day wedding.

Sustainable Weddings

We are living in times where we need to rethink how we celebrate. With the advancement in technology and people becoming aware of how our actions influence the environment, the need to throw an eco-friendly wedding is more than ever. And honestly, that's the best decision you can take.

If you are considering throwing an eco-friendly wedding, you will need to rethink all the steps of planning your wedding and find sustainable alternatives to them. You will have to say goodbye to the traditional wedding practices that go against the environment and incorporate eco-friendliness into your marriage.

Buy recyclable wedding plates and put them in the recycle bin after using so you don't leave anything to fill up the landfill.

Decorated Ceilings

For a luxury-looking wedding venue, decorated ceilings are a must. So in 2022, maximalists and all the glam lovers are having their wedding venue ceilings decorated either with paper lanterns, simple lanterns, fairy lights, colored lights, very peri colored lights, ceiling drapes, flowers, ceiling pom poms, or buntings.

Table Decor with Dinnerware

For decades we have been placing centerpieces on the tables. But this year, couples are looking for more empty space on the table. So we think that those large and space-consuming centerpieces are nay this year. Instead of that, you can use elegant dinnerware for the decor.

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You will get the added benefit of not having to clean up these disposable plastic plates after the event. 

Candid Photographs

Photographers have an inclination towards taking candid photographs of the couples this year. The two are asked to just be natural and talk to each other like normal, and the pictures that come out are gorgeous. The genuine smile of the couple is what brings those Instagram-worthy photos.

Other than that, video montages are very much in trend as well.

Balloons Gotta Go

Balloon arches and balloon backdrops are slowly fading away. Honestly, balloon arches and backdrops look basic now, and dried flowers are used instead. Dried flowers in different colors make up a magnificent arch or even a backdrop. You can also make dried flower bouquets for the bride.

If you are thinking about confetti balloons, they were trendy in 2021 but are not being used anymore.

Cake Bows and Arches

Bows are making a comeback giving your cake a formal look. Cakes can be decorated in so many ways with bows, and each one looks super elegant. In addition, you can place small green foliage where the bow is knotted to beautify the look of the wedding cake - it will look just like a wedding present.

Also, cake arches are a trend that is not new but is being seen every now and then.

Beach Weddings

With summers approaching fast, weddings will be hosted at a nice and perfect beach spot this year. This one does require a lot of planning, but the amount of fun and entertainment it holds makes everybody wanna throw a beach wedding.

Fairy Lights

Like a sky full of stars, fairy lights add an enormous amount of value to a wedding venue. They are very much in for 2022 weddings and look so dreamy and romantic. Fairy lights can be wrapped around the trees, made a ceiling decor out of, or can also be cascaded overhead.

Personalizing the Event

2022 couples are being more thoughtful when it comes to celebrating their big day in a unique way. They are personalizing their weddings by adding elements and little details in each step that reflect their personality. Like sending heartfelt, handwritten invitations with a small note for every guest, or putting customized menu cards on the table and even giving thoughtful wedding favors, because this year is all about making the guests enter and leave the wedding venue with a smile.