The 9 Best Modern Wedding Decor Items

When it comes to planning a contemporary wedding, modern decor works excellent to provide your wedding with a sophisticated touch in no time. The minimalist decoration, the bright accent of lights, and table decor transform your wedding into a mesmerizing place and ultimately turns it into an unforgettable success story for your guests. 

When you are planning your wedding, venue decor is an integral part of it. The perfect contemporary decor will provide your wedding venue a new look and an excuse for your guests to click photos and make it a talk of the town. 

We have curated a list of the best modern wedding decor ideas & items to help you transform your wedding venue into an interactive yet entertaining one for everyone. 

Skip the Floral and Bring Greenery 

The use of flowers and greenery has become a trend, not only for wedding decorations but also for all types of parties. Using greenery as a wedding decoration has become a contemporary art of trendy decorations. 

However, flowers aren't outdated, but greenery works best to achieve a fresh look for your reception. So instead of using the floral centerpieces, think about foliage, herbs, and tall branches in elegant vases. 

Don't be confined to using the greenery as a table decor item, be creative and incorporate it with your wedding theme. For example, you can create an epic wedding photo backdrop - perfect for the bride & groom and for the guests to capture unforgettable moments in the camera's eye. 

Starry Lights

When it comes to the wedding decor, light plays an essential role by highlighting each decor detail. However, you can never go with the idea of playing with your decor using appropriate lights. 

Instead of using conventional lights, consider bringing ambiance to your wedding by starry lights on your wedding venue ceilings. They look epic and mesmerizing and provide an innovative touch to your wedding decor.

Modern Tableware

When it comes to the wedding decor, you can't just miss the table decor as it would eventually cooperate with your overall wedding decor. 

For most, table decor is all about decor items, from the fancy tablecloth of matching chair covers to elegant centerpieces and a table runner that leads an eye along the side of the table. 

Don't be afraid of thinking out of the box to play with the tableware you would use to serve your guests. Use stylish serving wares and match them with your wedding decor or wedding theme. For instance, a red velvet cutlery set will create an epic match with a red carpet. 

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And, the bonus is all of our plasticware products for weddings are disposable in nature - meaning you would be saving the cleaning costs. 

Draped Fabric

The idea of having starry lights doesn't feel exciting to you? What about the draped fabric on the ceilings? Modern wedding decor ideas are all about thinking out of the box, and it's the perfect ones. 

The draped fabric from ceilings with the violet tone of lights won't just provide your wedding venue an intimate atmosphere, but also the ambiance would be outclassed. 

Incorporate your wedding color scheme in fabric to match it with your wedding theme, and let your wedding venue be a grand palace. 

Ghost Chairs are a Thing of Modern Weddings 

Forget the idea of using the conventional fancy covers for chairs - gone are those days, as the ghost chairs are a thing at modern weddings.

When playing with your wedding decor, the key to bringing a modern touch is using unexpected variables, and the ghost chairs can be a perfect decor item for your modern wedding theme. 

Whether your wedding will occur day or night, the ghost chairs will bring the most out of everything around them, as they are entirely transparent. 

Innovative Wedding Decor

The world is evolving with technology so does wedding decor. So why not take full advantage of modern technology and incorporate it into your wedding decor? It looks super cool and provides a modern-edge touch to your wedding. 

Instead of using red carpet for your venue floor or aisle, project an image on it. Use the picture of symmetrical shapes, flowers, or anything that matches your wedding theme - the choice is all yours. If you can't be creative with it, the internet is full of fantastic ideas for inspiration. 

Feathered Centerpieces

Bored of conventional florals or flowers made centerpieces for your tablescape elegance? Make your wedding decor more exciting by using the feathered centerpieces for your wedding tables. 

They look pretty elegant with the lights on their bottoms, making them shine along with an entire table. And, the bonus, they are inexpensive and can be easily sourced. They are perfect modern decor items for brightening up the details of a vintage wedding theme. 

Fog Machine

Your wedding decor shouldn't just look appealing to the spectating eyes but should also spread the exciting vibes in the atmosphere for entertainment. Besides the dancing floor for the excitement boost, what else could you think of besides the dancing floor?

There's no match for a fog machine that'll turn your wedding dance floor into an exciting spot yet full of aesthetics.

Add the modern touch to your dancing floor with a fog machine and excite your guests to dance and celebrate. An epic contemporary decor item to create unforgettable moments of your first dance!

Glitter Table Cloth

Tables are where your guests would be spending most of their time around. And a perfect way to welcome your guests at your wedding is to have an elegant table set up that pleases their eyes and turns on their relaxing mode. 

The glittered table cloth can be a perfect addition to your table decor for a contemporary wedding theme. Cover your table's top with the gorgeous-looking glitter table cloth that can be sourced without prolonged hassle.