The Best Easter Party Ideas

Easter is a significant Christian feast where they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. This resurrection was a symbol of salvation and getting rid of sin and its penalty. Therefore, this day marks the day of celebrating the new beginnings and rebirth of Jesus Christ.

The best part about this day is that it is in spring, which offers the perfect weather for an outdoor party. Apart from the religious rituals, this day offers excellent opportunities to get together with your family and enjoy the day. Invite your friends and family and have an absolute blast of the day with these Easter party ideas.

Give Flower Seed Packets as Party Favors

Easter is a symbol of new beginnings, and coincidentally, it falls in spring, which also represents a fresh start. So, make sure you put elements of spring in your Easter party to make it more refreshing. It would be best if you do something to give back to the planet so that God loves you even more!

Make decorated packets filled with flower seeds and give them as party favors to your guests. Flower seeds are cheap and can be bought in bulk in large, one-pound bags, and only a few seeds are put in one pack. You can also print out a small note and write something along the lines of ''Here is something to help you contribute towards nature because it deserves your love!''.

Serve an Easter Brunch

Easter is the day of huge family gatherings: so much fun and good food. Your Easter table should look exceptionally beautiful, offering a variety of items to fulfill everybody's appetite. Host an Easter brunch and serve your guests a deliciously cooked meal. 

The best you can do is make a charcuterie board. It is visually so appealing that no one can stop themselves from clicking and posting photos of it on their social media. You can put strawberries, apples, blueberries, pastel-colored marshmallows and lollipops, crackers, bunny-shaped chocolate, mozzarella cheese, and roasted almonds along with a bowl of plain greek yogurt in the middle of the board. 

A lot of people prefer beef made in different ways, such as beef burger, blue cheese galette, Mongolian beef, garlic butter steak with potato skillet, and beef stew. And, if you have left-over beef, don't worry! Left-over beef fried rice and left-over beef dumplings are still an option for all the meat lovers out there. 

No matter how pleasingly you serve the meal on the table, there is no point in it if the dinnerware does not look good. Especially at an event such as Easter, it is mandatory to get elegant dinnerware. At The Kaya Collection, we ensure that your Easter tables look harmonized and beautiful. It can only be possible by getting plastic party bowls in contrasting colors with the decor, so everything complements each other. Get our disposable bowls for parties and enjoy a stress-free Easter party.

Decorate Easter Cookies

Get your kids involved in Easter preparation and bake them some cookies so they can decorate them. Home-baked plain cookies are easy to decorate, and this whole process is a healthy activity for the kids. Give them space to decorate the cookies in whatever way they want so they can entertain themselves without having the pressure of making them perfect.

Easter cookies are usually decorated to give them bunny shapes. You can use melted chocolate and sprinkles to decorate your Easter cookies. They can also be painted and consumed after they dry. The cookie paint can be made by mixing the food color with vanilla extract.

Easter Cookie Exchange Party

Easter gives you an opportunity to get together with your loved ones and show them how much the love and affection you have in your heart towards them. You can do this in a lot of ways - one of the easiest ways to do this is by hosting a cookie exchange party. The goodness of the baked cookies that you decorated by yourself will bring them even closer to you.

Put home-baked, home-decorated cookies in a mason jar and write a personalized note for the person you are giving this. Write something that you know would make them happy.

DIY Giant Easter Egg

One thing we all love on Easter is the egg. Yes! The big, giant, edible Easter egg.

Make a giant DIY Easter egg and make it the talk of the town. You can make it edible and not mention delicious by using chocolate in its making. You can make it a 'Surprise Easter Party Egg', which is inedible mostly but contains gifts and candies inside. When you break open the egg, that's when you get the candies and other gifts to give to your guests.

DIY Easter Basket Decoration

Speaking of crafts, you can make a DIY Easter basket full of chocolates, candies, and dyed eggs. You can either put it on your party table as a centerpiece or give small baskets to your friends as gifts. You can put these items in fancy disposable bowls and tie them with organza around them to make them appropriate for Easter.

Easter Party Games and Activities

No matter what the event is, entertainment cannot be ignored. You have to keep your guests entertained so that when they leave the venue, they feel excited and energetic. You can play the game of knocking the cans, jelly bean race, Easter bingo, or maybe Easter bingo.

If you feel sporty, ask one of your friends to hide the egg somewhere in the house, and the rest of you will try to find the egg, whoever finds it first wins the game. Moreover, consider playing backyard frog race, basket head relay race, or Easter egg rolling race.

Kids can play the game of dying the Easter eggs in their favorite colors. They can also decorate and paint Easter cookies following the ideas mentioned earlier.