The Best Martin Luther King Jr. Day Decoration Ideas

Every special day demands a celebration. When it comes to the celebration, you will need to dress up your home or place where you are arranging that celebration.

As Martin Luther King Jr. Day is approaching, everyone will be trying their best to come up with the best dressed-up setup where everyone can enjoy peace and unity. 

To help you with this special day decoration, we have curated a list of ideas that will turn your house into a spectacular venue. 

Door Decoration for MLK Day

A door is a place where your guests would set their first foot to enter, and so it should resemble the day’s decoration.

The Door decoration isn’t that difficult as you just need to be creative with it, and you will come up with the epic door decoration to wow your guests. 

What will you need for the door decoration? A copy of a photograph of MLK King, a construction paper to work on, and a quote to write along with the photograph for the sake of younger generations’ inspiration. 

Unleash your creativity on the construction paper and decorate it to elevate your door’s look. You can take help from your kids. Such as, ask them for the handprints, creating hearts and peace signs. 

Write a quote with metallic letters, so it attracts and compels the viewers to read it. Moreover, search Pinterest or surf the internet to get more creative ideas to create a masterpiece. 

Art Project

If you want to truly celebrate this special day, then creating the decoration pieces is a way for you. Prepare yourself for an art project and ask your friends to help you with this.

There are plenty of ideas you can do to turn simple paper into a piece of art and hang them on the walls of your venue.

You can try your creativity on the modern disposable plates by coloring and painting them with different patterns.

If coloring and painting isn’t your thing then ask your friend to do it for you. At the end of the art project, don’t forget to make a peace sign on the bottom of the plate. You can use these plates to hang them on walls or as table decor. 

MLK Day’s Table’s Decor

Your table is where you and your guests would be sitting and spending most of the time on this day. You can do a lot to your table to elevate its profile by decorating with it. 

You don’t need to bring decoration pieces or paper banners to your table. Instead, you can decorate it with the fancy Martin Luther King Jr. Day Party Plastic Plates.

Replace your old boring plates with something that would portray your love for the king. Get disposable patriotic plates and have an aesthetic-looking table ready for MLK’s day. 

We offer a variety of popular plastic plates specially made for this day to celebrate it with a lovely-looking table.