The Best Memorial Day Party Ideas

This one is for the fallen ones, for those who valued the motherland more than their own lives. Memorial Day reminds us of the great sacrifices of the real superheroes of our nation. So, why not take some time and throw a party for your friends and family to gather around and pay a patriotic tribute.

We have gathered some fantastic party ideas that you can try on Memorial Day to spread its purpose.

Decorate with Flag Banners

You can convey nonverbal clues of the day by uniquely decorating the party. For example, you can work on creating festive flag banners of red, white, and blue colors. These are extremely simple to make, and they add a unique aesthetic flavor to your party decoration.

You can simply buy paper charts of different colors and paint them with color markers to depict the national flag. Then, once you're done creating and shaping them in triangles, you can simply use a thread to hang them from a wall. These flag banners are perfect for both outdoor and indoor party settings.

Use Streamers to Bring Flair

Colorful streamers can be a great way to add a little flair to your Memorial Day party. You can get blue, white, and red colored streamers or cloth strips to decorate a perfect hallway or an entrance to your party.

You can bind them with a thin steel wire as it would not bend when you add more and more weight to it. Start with 2 - 3 blue stripes, and adjacent to that, add 8 - 9 white and red stripes.

You can decide the length of the stripes depending upon your choice. If you like, add some LEDs to make it stand out.

MASSIVE Balloons Masterpiece

It would take a lot of effort, but it's worth it. All you need is a bunch of balloons, an air pump, and some determination to make it happen. You can play with the size of it. Just make sure that you have enough balloons to build an entire flag.

Make Table Setting Memorable

Consider your table a canvas. Now, play with it in every possible manner. Of course, you can go with a sharp red or simply a white tablecloth, but red would make more sense keeping in mind the glory of the day.

Place blue flower glass on the side of the table and put some white flowers like Tulips or Daffodils. Now, you need to manage the placement of your dinnerware. Try to follow the formal setting of 0placement by having disposable serving tableware. At TheKayaCollection, we have excellent serving party supplies that can make your party hassle-free.

Our disposable serving bowls are perfect for your Memorial Day table setting. We also offer plastic serving platters and plastic serving ware items to ensure that you get what you're looking for.

Some Popcorns and M&M's

For an appetizer, nothing's better than popcorn with m&m's. All you need is mini marshmallows, butter, salt, sprinkles, m&m's, and popcorn. But, first, you must try the recipe, and it's pretty simple to prepare.

Start off your party with this fantastic recipe before introducing your guests to the main course.

Figure Out Your Main Course

After finalizing the appetizer, it's time to plan for your main course. What should be served? Well, you don't have to overthink here. You can simply go with a BBQ or a Truffle Chicken & Potato Gratin.

The best way to choose the main course is to follow your guests' preferences. There will be one dream dish that all of your friends love to have on the table. Truffle Chicken & Potato Gratin can be an option to try.

While planning for the main course, you should keep in mind that whatever you choose for the main, it should be a complete meal. A party is nothing without a perfect meal, so add something to the menu that your guests would love!

If you aren't comfortable with meat, you can also go with Easy Singapore Noodles. This meal is easy to prepare and packs a full punch of nutrition. You can also choose to prepare Sweet potato & peanut curry.

Don't Forget to Support the Veterans.

Veterans are tough souls! But they do need the nation's support when they hit a certain age in life. Being a responsible nation, we need to do something to give them back what they deserve. You can mention the fundraising activity in the invitation cards so your guests know the agenda for the party.

There are hundreds of different ways to help veterans. First, you can pay their medical expenses by visiting the nearest hospital.

Play Some Patriotic Playlists

Before the party starts, make sure you have correctly installed the speakers. Then, prepare a list of your favorite patriotic playlist. The best way to do so is to ask your guests to share their favorite patriotic songs, and you can easily prepare a list that everybody would love to listen to.

Do Something For The Heat

An unlimited supply of fresh and chilled lemonade would be ideal for the Memorial Day party. By the end of May, the heat really gets unbearable, and whether it's an indoor or an outdoor party, you will definitely need something to keep your guests hydrated.

Mint Margarita or fresh lemonade can be a perfect solution for the heat. You can add different food colors to the drinks to spice up things. Kids would definitely enjoy it.

Host a Quiz Competition

Being a host will be a great idea to spread some knowledge. Google some of the achievements of the military and prepare a competitive quiz. You can ask your guests to bring their kids for the quiz competition.

The goal is not to degrade someone but to encourage them to learn more about their motherland. Set a prize for the winning team, runner-ups, and some candies or chocolates for all the participants.