The Best Party Planning Checklist

As the holiday season arrives, it arises in us a desire to party. During the holiday season, parties are the ultimate source of entertainment and spending quality time with loved ones, friends, and family.

Although everyone has a great imagination about party planning and preparations in their mind, when it comes to throwing a party, it's not that easy. So many things come in the way - budget, time, and other things that constrain us from throwing an epic party. 

Creating a party checklist is an excellent way to initiate the party preparations and planning according to your imagination. It helps you streamline your party and go with a plan you already created, and all you need is to execute it. 

Here's the best party planning checklist you should consider while planning for your next party. 

● Choose Venue

The first step to throwing a party is deciding where to throw it. Deciding on a perfect venue depends on many factors, like the guest list and the type of event you want to celebrate. 

House parties work best when your goal is to enjoy and spend quality time with your favorite people in a relaxed environment. House parties let you save the venue expense and enable you to spend on other party arrangements. 

However, if your guest list is a large crowd, then things can go south when the party gets wild. You might end up cleaning up a giant after-party mess and broken belongings. 

The rented venues can be the perfect party space for your party, as a lot of party burden is off your shoulders. In addition, most party vendors offer catering services which is also its plus point. But, they can also be expensive depending on your area. 

Research party vendors in your area and find out which offers the best package. 

● Pick a Party Theme

Though having a party theme isn't necessary to throw a party, it'll make your party more attractive and leave a great impression on your guests. So when planning an epic party, don't skip a theme to dress up your party space uniquely. 

A Party theme will make it easier for you to decide on other party arrangements, like decorations, food, props, tablescape, and the color scheme if you want to get professional at it. 

● Send Out Invites

When planning your party, consider sending out the invite to your guests timely. For example, if the guests have to travel for the event, send them an invitation weeks ago so they can timely manage to prepare for the party. 

Send out thoughtful invitations that reflect your party mood and make the receiver count days for your party. Incorporate your party theme to make it attractive and professional for your guests. 

Moreover, make sure to creatively add the little details of the party, like time, date, venue address, and dress code, if any. 

● Google up For Party Inspirations

Every little detail counts in your party decor if you want to throw an epic party. To make your party stand out, do some research to theme a party in your mind. Google up things you want to add to your party and find inspirations. 

Pinterest is an excellent platform to look for party inspirations like decor party ideas, crafting enchanting centerpieces, and creating unique party favors. It's flooded with unique and creative ideas. So you won't have to stress out brainstorming creative and unique ideas to make your party stand out. 

● Set Your Party Budget

Setting a party budget is one of the crucial things you must do while planning for the party. Setting a budget for the party is essential, so you don't spend all the money on the party decorations and leave with nothing for the food expenses. 

While shopping for party supplies, look for the stores offering discounts on party supplies. It might be a little time-consuming for you to find them, but it's worth saving some extra bucks. For example, get elegant disposable dinnerware at "The Kaya Collection" at a fraction of the cost. 

Disposable dinnerware sets are pretty inexpensive and come with the ease of hassle-free clean-up. With plastic dinnerware for parties, you won't be saving the money, but the time you would spend washing and cleaning a pile of dishes. 

● Plan a Party Menu

Your party menu can literally set your guests' mood. First, follow up on your party theme and the type of event you are conducting while planning for a party menu. Then, create a party menu that complements your party atmosphere. 

For instance, pizza can be a hit for birthday and casual parties. Everyone loves pizza; it's easy to source and can be made home. 

If your party lasts till late at night, make sure to stock up on snacks and bite-sized food, so your guests can graze throughout the party. 

However, if you are having a formal party with VIP guests, consider serving food that everyone would love. For example, if planning to serve meat at your party, don't forget your vegetarian guests. 

● Grocery Shopping

Once you have decided on your party menu, it's time to hit the nearest grocery store to buy all the required ingredients. If you are going to cook, make a little effort and visit a farmer's market, as it's the ultimate place to get fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Plus, you would buy the seasonal fruits and vegetables at a lower price since there are no middlemen and no logistics fees. 

If you run out of time, use online apps to order groceries; though they will charge a fee, it's worth saving time so you can work on other party details.

● Buy Party Decorations

Party decorations are essential in providing a fresh look for your party space. Consider visiting a party store to get a better idea about what you like and how you want to dress up for your party. 

However, if you want to save time or can't bear the hassle of finding every decor item, consider looking for the party decorations online and use different filters like price to get the best search results for party decorations that fall within your budget.