The Best St. Patrick’s Day Party Table Setting Ideas

Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated on the 17th march to remember saint Patrick and his dedication, struggle, and hard work for the sake of Christianity. St. Patrick’s day is one of the famous events of Irish culture as they celebrate it with spirit and dedication. 

Roads are usually crowded, audiences enjoy watching the parades, and there’s a lot of hustle going on during the day. If you are wondering how to enjoy this day, then there are a lot more activities to remember this day. 

Send out invites to your friends and family and invite them for a dinner party, set your table elegantly, and decorate it for the festive feel. We know you need some ideas to decorate your table. That’s why we have come up with some of the best yet simpler table setting ideas for you.

Indoor or Outdoor?

For the perfect table settings, selecting a perfect spot is important as it will affect your table settings. For instance, if you are planning to party indoors, then there would be different table settings that would complement the overall decor. And, for the outdoor party table settings, you will need some changes to keep up with the surroundings. 

However, for the St. Patrick’s day party outdoor party works best as the spring seasons begin and everyone loves to spend time in an airy environment without the fear of freezing to death. 

Table Cloth Ideas

First of all, you will need to cover your table’s top with some elegant table cloth so you can rest the rest of the decoration on it. For the St. Patricks party, green and gold hold great significance. If you want festive vibes at your table, then spread the green table cloth on your table’s top. 

However, if you want to try something new, unique, and different from the traditional colors, then black is a perfect choice. With a black table cloth, you can also go with different patterns designed and printed on them. 

Also, you can ignore the idea of using a table cloth and keep your table uncovered for a rustic look and feel. With a lot of decor, elegant glass vases, and fancy plastic plates, you can cover your table’s top. It will provide your table with a rustic profile for the party ahead. 

Centerpiece Ideas

Your table’s top should have a focal point to elevate its decor and profile. Centerpieces are the best option to provide a focal point and keep it the center of the attention of your guests. 

For the centerpiece ideas, you can do DIY projects or simply buy some greenery and elegant showpieces to hold the stems of greenery on the table’s top. Following are some of the best yet easy-to-make centerpiece ideas for St. Patrick’s day. 

Green Bottles

As green is a color associated with this day, grab some green bottles of different sizes. You can find them in any dollar store, or you can also use bottles that came with the drinks you bought for the previous parties. Make sure to clean and wash nicely, so they don’t smell bad at the table.

To make these bottles part of your table’s top, use greenery and flowers. Like, tulips can create a great combination with green bottles. The white texture of the tulips and their green stems will get you an elegant yet minimalist centerpiece for your St. Patricks party.

Giant Candles

If you have used enough green in your decor and want to try something different on your table’s top, then consider lighting up some giant size candles by placing them on some elegant candle holders. 

Make sure you have selected the right size of candle holder that holds candles perfectly and complements them. 

Irish Garden

Who said you need to be Irish to throw a St. Patricks party? You just need appropriate decorations at your party, like the Irish garden laying over on the table’s top serving as the centerpiece. With an Irish garden, it’s simpler to provide your table with a festive yet beautiful profile. 

Get a moss and white asylum from the farmer’s market. Lay them down on your table’s top and bring your vision to your table’s top. Moreover, you can also use some flowers of your choice to enhance its beauty and profile. 

St. Patrick’s Dinnerware Sets

Your table’s decor includes serving wares, dinnerware sets, drinkware, and everything your guests will use to have a meal. To make everything communicate formally on your table’s top, use elegant dinnerware sets of appropriate color that complement the food and the overall decor of the table.

For the St. Patrick’s day party, green is a color that holds significance to this day. However, if you don’t want any more green on your table, consider creating a combination of gold with black on your table’s top. Spread a gold runner or a tablecloth and create a lovely combination with solid black round blossom plastic dinner plates.

Moreover, “The Kaya Collection” offers a wide variety of elegant plastic plate sets that come in various designs and colors. You can select the right set of plates that matches your table’s theme and ti’s decor. Look around and get the best disposable party plates at your fingertips. 

St. Patrick’s Clover Napkins

Napkins are a piece of art that can create a big fashion statement for your table. To provide touches to your table, use elegant napkins that create a perfect combination with your table’s decor.

For a green table, St. Patrick clover napkins, you need a fancy napkin and a few steps to learn from a tutorial video. There are plenty of videos explaining napkin folding techniques from where you can learn to fold St. Patrick’s clover napkins in minutes. 

Once you follow all the steps and practice them, you will be able to do it even in your sleep. For the color of the napkins, you don’t need to stick to the green. You can choose any color that builds a connection with the table decor.