The Best Tips for Planning a Columbus Day Party

Columbus day is an official holiday all over the US. A day to commemorate Christopher Columbus for setting the first foot on this land. Since it’s the day off, everyone would love to have fun and have quality time spend with friends and family. On this memorable day, arranging an epic party will make everyone’s day. But, throwing a party needs new ideas and fun ways to keep it going in a flow for everyone. Here, this blog will unveil the new ideas and tips to plan a perfect Columbus day party.

Atmospheric Vibes

If you are planning to have an outdoor party, firstly, plan a party venue outdoor, somewhere it is air and windy, where you have the BBQ's aroma refreshing the air and making everyone's mouth watery. Some background music and scenery of the venue will surely give everyone’s wholesome different vibes. Don’t forget to choose a theme for a party you going to throw. An attractive theme is like the heart of a party.

Pick a Theme

Picking up the right theme for the party will give life to the party you are going to throw. Pick a theme carefully. You can go with the theme of the 4th of July and Halloween. Decorate the surroundings matching the theme of the party. You can use our patriotic plastic plates to have the patriotic vibe of the day. With our disposable patriotic dinnerware, you can serve the food to your guest in a very unique way.

Good music

If you are planning the party at your home, you should have some good music and some tech to play, which give goosebumps. Because if you don't entertain the people you invite, people are going to entertain themselves. To arrange a good DJ system, which should be easy for everyone to connect, play and rock the party.


Before inviting anyone to a party, make a list of people you are planning to have at the party. Making the list of the people will give you an idea to have the arrangements accordingly. Follow this little tip, and you won't end up with your laptop stolen from your bedroom.

Use Disposable Items

Dinner at a party is also a major thing to take care of. You don't want to see anyone breaking your mom's favorite set of ceramic plates. Moreover, when the party is over, you will have to go through utensils from cutlery to the dinnerware.

To save yourself from all this hassle and effort, use our plastic party supplies and disposable serving tableware.

For drinks, serve them in plastic wine goblets and disposable champagne flutes.

Perfect lighting

Lightening is very important for your location. If it's too bright out there, everybody will feel exposed - none of your guests want to be noticed while having those awkward dance moves. Moreover, if it's too dark, then it's not good either, because you don't know what the next person is up to. So, perfect lighting will give an ambiance to the party.