The Best Ways to Host a Backyard Party on a Budget

If you have a backyard and are wondering what to do with it, then you should consider hosting a party that would be very low on a budget yet a wonderful one. 

That is a fun way to spend time with friends or family, and you don't need anything too extravagant. All you need are some mats and pillows on the ground and chairs for everyone to sit on. 

Plus, it's usually cheaper than going out for dinner. So, if your budget isn't too high, but you still want an outdoor event that is perfect for lounging around in the sun or enjoying each other's company while eating delicious food together—then follow these tips:

Send Digital Invitations

For any type of party, it's best to start with digital invitations. Then, you can send them through email and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

If you don't have the time or energy to create custom invitations, there are plenty of online invitation sites where you can download templates to help with this process. If you're hosting a large party with plasticware products (we're talking 300 people or more), consider using Evite as your preferred service provider—it has many great templates. 

Your guests must receive their invites well and ensure they arrive on time. That way, everyone knows where they need to go when they get there—and no one ends up lost because we forgot about them!

Put Down a Tarp

One of the most important things you can do to make your backyard party successful is to ensure it doesn't get rained out. If there's any chance that rain could ruin your day, put down a tarp to cover all the furniture and other items you'll need for entertaining.

The size will depend on how many people you expect, but generally speaking, 12x12 feet should be large enough for most parties. You should also look into waterproofing it if possible—it's better not to have water seeping through than having guests get soaked!

If you're worried about cleaning up after an event, consider using reusable plastic tarps like disposable plasticware, they're easy enough to clean up when needed but still sturdy enough that they won't get damaged easily over time either way.

Set up an Outdoor Movie Experience

If you're feeling creative, consider setting up an outdoor movie experience.

  • Use a projector and a white sheet to create the backdrop for your movie night. This is probably the most budget-friendly option (and it's also really cool). You can get away with using just about any screen—a sheet or even cardboard works great! Make sure that whatever material you choose is white or light gray so that it doesn't show any reflections from your lights or other elements on camera.

Host a Potluck-style Barbecue

If you're planning a backyard barbecue, consider asking your guests to bring easy dishes to prepare and eat. Like if you have a large family or group of friends, consider offering some sort of salad bar instead of serving hot dogs and hamburgers. This will keep things fresh and allow everyone to mix up their food without too much work.

If there's one thing we've learned from hosting tons of parties over the years: it's important not only what kind of food is served but also how it's stored until ready for consumption! So, if possible, plan by knowing how much space each dish takes up so that everything together nicely later.

Have a BYOB Policy

  • Bring your bottle. This is a great way to save money and keep your guests happy on the booze front. It's also an option if you don't have a designated driver in tow (and I know some people who would pay good money for that).
  • Have a BYOB policy for food, games, decorations—whatever else you want! For example, if someone wants to bring their popcorn or ice cream cake treats, go ahead and let them; just make sure they clean up the mess later.

Use String Lights and Paper Lanterns

String lights are an excellent choice if you're looking for a way to add a pop of color or something different from the usual decorations people hang around their backyard parties. They're inexpensive, easy to set up, and look great in any setting—even outdoors!

Paper lanterns are another great option because they impact when hung from branches or trees. You can also easily transport paper lanterns, which is especially helpful if you want to take them somewhere else during your party.

You can also light up the entryway to warmly welcome guests with the neon lights. They are pretty popular nowadays and can be easily sourced out. Just get them according to your party's theme and light up things at the party.

Serve Snacks In Mason Jars

  • Mason jars are reusable, cheap, and easy to store and can be used in place of plasticware sets. 
  • Plus, they're made from glass, so they won't break if dropped accidentally by someone who doesn't care about being careful enough when carrying their drink or snack plate while walking around during party time!

Rent Tables and Chairs

Renting tables and chairs are an excellent option if you don't have the space or money to host your party. You can rent them from local businesses, which offer everything from tents to tables and chairs that you would need to organize an event. 

It doesn't have to be expensive, but it can still be a fun party!

  • Focus on the fun, not the cost.
  • Use plasticware for your party.
  • Use a tarp as a canopy over the food tables. It can be used as seating or as an area to play in during the day — it's up to you!
  • Buy budget-friendly plasticware for parties.  
  • Have pillows placed on top of each table so guests can sit on them instead of chairs, which saves space and looks nicer too!