The Best Wedding Décor to Keep Up with Trends

In the world of technology, everything tends to change with the period. The same goes for the wedding industry. It has evolved immensely. In the older times, the wedding decor was just about having a red carpet, chair covers for the bride and groom, and some lighting. 

But, now couples want more than that, as the newer trends have taken place. Now couples look for the wedding decor that makes a statement and can become a great memory for anyone attending the wedding. 

To help you have trendy wedding decor for your big day, we have handpicked some of the best wedding decor trends you should consider while playing with your wedding decor. Choose the best one for you and make your wedding decor stand out. 

White Starry Lights

Lights are always a big part of any decoration, and similarly, your wedding decoration wouldn’t be complete without the ambiance of the lights. White starry lights are quite trendy and perfect for highlighting every detail of the decoration of the venue. 

In the previous years, we have seen a trend of colorful lights with different hues for the wedding decorations, but now the wave of wedding decor trends is going towards the white lights.

They work amazingly well with your bright color scheme or your bright theme of the wedding, as they will brighten up everything and enhance the details of the overall decor.

They should be hung from the ceilings to create an amazing sky effect of a sky full of stars. However, simple white lights can also be used on the walls, trees, sidewalks, and around the tables. Just be creative with the placement of the lights, and you will come up with mesmerizing wedding decorations. 

Flower Balls

You can never go wrong with flowers for wedding decorations. Flowers are the element of romance as well the expression of love which makes the perfect fit for the wedding decorations. Add elegance to your wedding by bringing flowers to your wedding tablescape and venue decorations. 

Flowers can be used to create eye-catching centerpieces for the tablescape. For spring and summer parties, they can be used to set up a garden-inspired tablescape for your wedding. 

The newest wedding trend to add Flowers to the wedding decoration is to use flowers balls. It's a creative way to add floral touches to the wedding decoration to add elegance. You can use a single flower in the decorations or can even mix and match the different ones - the choice is all yours! 

Mix & Match

Generally speaking, people are usually afraid of mixing and matching and using different things together. But, gone are those days, as mixing and matching are quite trendy in the decor industry, and now you should be feeling proud to create an enchanting atmosphere for your wedding by mixing and matching different decorations.

For instance, you can opt for different sizes of glass vases or glassware of different sizes for centerpieces. You can also mix and match the lights and can achieve a vibrant look for your wedding venue. 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match glasses if you run them out while setting up the tablescape. 

Let the Nature be your Wedding Decor

It’s not necessary to go after the fancy decorations for the wedding, as some couples like nature. Going green is a great way to show your love for nature and let it play a decoration part for you. 

For nature lovers, having plenty of plants, greenery, and floral decorations is a great way to feel close to nature. You can either plan your wedding in the middle of the forest or can make your venue the one for you. 

You wouldn’t need to buy plenty of plants and flowers, you can easily rent them. Many vendors provide plants and flowers for rent for the events. To make your wedding decor stand out, cooperate your wedding decorations with your table settings by setting up a garden-inspired tablescape. 

Style your tablescape with our trendy wedding party plates that come in a variety of designs. We have a wide range of disposable wedding plates, meaning you will get everything in one place to your tablescape according to your imagination. 

Table Lamps

When it comes to wedding decor, nothing needs to be bigger to look attractive and elegant. Small decoration pieces are a great way to add details to the decor.

If your wedding is going to be planned on the beachside, then table lamps are the perfect choice to create an atmosphere full of ambiance. It’s an amazing decor to make your wedding decor go to the next level in a budget-friendly way. 

Paper Lanterns

Remember the days when paper lanterns were only used in restaurants for ambiance? Now, they are trendy in the wedding decor industry. They can be used to beautify the ceiling, and you can use as much you can, as they are inexpensive. 

Make them part of your wedding decor and add richness and texture to your wedding decorations. It's an inexpensive way to play with your wedding color scheme.

Work on the Ceilings

Mostly, when it comes to wedding decorations the ceilings are overlooked. Maybe couples are afraid of experimenting with wedding decor. But in 2022, take advantage of the ceilings and decorate them to fill up the space.

Use paper lanterns, lights hues of different colors matching the wedding scheme, garland greenery, and anything that you think will fill out the space of ceilings will enhance the ambiance of the wedding venue. 

Wedding Food Decorations

While planning about your wedding venue decor, don’t forget the tablescape, and it will contribute to a big part of your wedding decorations. Tables provide a focal point to your event, and they should be set up elegantly. 

Apart from the conventional tablescape settings, take a step ahead and work on the presentation of the food. Playing with your food presentation is quite trendy in 2022. Style your tabletops with fancy plastic dinnerware and uniquely serve the food. 

Elegant serving ware is a way towards achieving an organic look on your table. Also, our disposable dinnerware for weddings is inexpensive and perfect for formal settings. So, look around and get fancy wedding dinnerware set for your wedding tablescape at a fraction of the cost.