The Newest Trends in Party Supplies

In the design industry, it only takes a few months for a design to get old. Companies can't survive if they stick to only one or two designs. They have to come up with something novel, unique, and appealing.

This is why we at Kaya Collection maintain our reputation of launching new designs regularly. Our team is always busy researching to find recent trends and come up with the most appealing and attention-grabbing designs for the users.

The Most Popular Party Supplies

Regarding design trends in dinnerware, serving trays are one of the most popular items we all pay attention to. Since trays are large in size, there's a lot more room to play with their design and style.

Kaya Collection has some fantastic offerings, and after knowing about their design profiles, you will want to pre-order your plastic serving trays.

Solid Clear Organic Round Plastic Bowls

These plastic bowls come in 4 different sizes. The 100 oz and 32 oz bowls are used for serving purposes, the 16 oz bowl is for soup, and the 6 oz bowl is for desserts. In addition, the material of this serving bowl comes in three different color types.

The first one is white, and it looks so decent and formal. It also comes in clear plastic, which can be used alongside any serving. The last color is black, which looks fantastic in almost every party setting. The black bowls, however, are only available in 100 oz and 32 oz.

White with Silver Rim Organic Round Plastic Bowls

These bowls come in multiple design variations. They come in clear, clear with gold, white, white with silver, white with gold, black, and black with gold. Along with the serving bowls, this shape also comes in soup bowls, dessert bowls, dinner plates, and appetizer plates.

Rectangular Natural Palm Leaf Eco-Friendly Trays

This one is quite unique and is one of our top selling products. It's completely natural and gives your party a different look. A very common myth about natural palm leaf eco-friendly trays is that they cannot bear the weight of the food.

But in reality, they're pretty sturdy and are made by putting them under high pressure and heat to create the desired shape. You'll mostly find this item in a rectangular shape, and we offer two sizes. It not only gives an organic look, but it also gives your table a unique natural touch.

Clear with Gold Round Section Tray

This partitioned or sectioned tray can be the best option when it comes to serving a shared meal. It's a 12" round tray; you should have one of these if you plan to include some Indian food on the menu. It also comes in with silver around it, which looks cool too.

These can be the perfect disposable serving platters for you anytime you have to serve multiple dishes at once, as it saves time, and you won't have to make short trips to the kitchen to refill. 

Black Groove Rim Plastic Trays

It's a 9" x "13 plastic serving tray used to serve any kind of salad or meal. Mainly, it is used to cut and present salad, but in general, you can serve a suspicious meal or use it to present dessert. 

The material of this tray is heavy enough to be reused. However, it's up to you whether you use or discard it right after using it. The disposable black groove rim plastic tray makes it the perfect serving ware for the grand event where you have to serve a large crowd.

At the end of the event, you wouldn't have to worry about cleaning up. Instead, you can easily discard them in a trash bag and can wind up the event like a breeze. 

Black with Gold Edge Rim Round Disposable Plastic Coffee Mugs

These are elegant mugs with an 8 oz capacity with a beautiful rim over the edges of the opening. Whether you have coffee on the menu or need a coffee mug for household use, these are the perfect mugs to serve coffee, tea, and other warm liquids. 

The practical capacity of the mugs is 6 oz. They are made of BPA-free material, which makes them highly suitable for serving coffee and tea. Since the coffee and tea are served hot, the coffee mugs made of BPA plastic will likely transfer the BPA particles. 

The BPA particles are harmful to human health and can affect health if taken for a longer time. These black with gold edge rim round plastic mugs are BPA-free. So you won't need to worry while enjoying every hot beverage sip. 

Solid Clear Flat Raised Edge Rectangular Plastic Plates

Have you ever wondered why food photographers come up with incredible photos - photos taken from an appropriate angle and describing a whole story in one shot? 

That's because they use the appropriate plates and serving ware like these sold clean, raised rectangular edge plates. The shape of the plates has a lot to do with the display of the food. 

Whether you want an excellent look on your table or are fond of food photography, the raised edges of the plates give an edge to your photo angle. Since the edges are extended, you don't have to lower the camera to catch a perfect shot. 

However, besides food photography, these plates are perfect for modernizing your table. Different colors are available in this variety, starting from white, off-white, and black. 

Clear Rectangular Plastic Tablecloths

When setting up a formal table or even a casual one with relaxed settings, a tablecloth is the first thing you must start setting it up. A perfect tablecloth defines the beautification of your tablescape, and it's a reflection of the serving ware you place on the table's top. 

This clean rectangle plastic tablecloth is 2.5 feet wide and 8 feet long on the end. It can be used to cover the four seats on both sides quickly. However, this tablecloth will drop about 10 inches off the sides and about 6 inches off the ends.

Whether you are hosting a casual or formal dinner party, this tablecloth can easily be used for both settings. In addition, since it's disposable in nature, you won't have to worry about the clean-up if it gets dirty on the first use.