The Perfect Flatware Sets for Weddings

Flatware is the primary item your guests will come in direct contact with when they sit at the dining table. And, if you've invested plenty of bucks in your event's ambiance, aesthetics and decorations, your flatware should not lack any details. 

If you are on the hunt for flatware for your wedding events, there are several factors that you should consider before landing on the perfect flatware set. In this guide, we'll help you and guide you through what makes the flatware a perfect flatware set, ideal place settings, and much more. 

Types of Cutlery

Before you hunt for the flatware set, you should know what the market offers you, as it's pretty saturated. There are plenty of material types in the wide variety, making it a little puzzling for anyone to decide and choose the perfect one. 

Here are the types of flatware you'll see in the market.

1. Silverware Cutlery

Silverware cutlery is one of the most commonly used flatware types. In ancient times, it was considered a social symbol, but now you can see it in every household with too small food vendors. Unfortunately, silverware cutlery is made of silver, making it relatively expensive. 

When spending a hefty amount on buying silver cutlery, you must know some preventive measures and originality signs to avoid fraud. The silver cutlery has numbers embedded in it, such as 999, which indicates that the pieces are 99% made of silver. 

However, you may also get to see the 955 and 925 on the silver pieces, which indicate the purity of their silver in their formation. When buying silverware, pay attention to this number and ensure you don't buy silver cutlery with a 925 below rating, as it won't be considered quality silverware. 

Characteristics of Silver Cutlery

● Non-magnetic 

● Suitable for upscale events but mainly used for household use.

● Easy to wash. 


Another thing to consider while buying the silverware cutlery set is its weight. Its weight plays an important role in providing the handheld feel. Since the silverware cutlery sets are made of silver metal, they're likely to be heavy in weight. 

How to Identify the Originality of Silverware Cutlery?

Despite all the factors mentioned above, if you still doubt the cutlery sets, whether it's quality silver cutlery or not. Look for the S.S sign on it. The quality silverware cutlery comes with these signs, while cutlery sets dipped in silver will have S.P.

Another way to spot the difference in the original cutlery set is; by testing it with the magnets. The quality silverware cutlery set won't stick to the manager. 

2. Stainless Steel Cutlery

The quality of the stainless steel cutlery depends on the combination of materials used. The number embedded on them or their packing makes it easier to identify whether it's quality stainless steel cutlery. 

Look for 18/10, 18/8 Stainless Steel Cutlery

The 18/10 and 18/8 suggest the raw material used in the cutlery sets. For example, the 18 number indicates that the cutlery is made of 18 % chrome, while the 8 or 10% nickel. Both the number makes the stainless steel cutlery set a quality product. 

However, if you go for the cutlery with the number below, such as 18/0, remember the lower the presence of the nickel, the higher the cutlery is vulnerable to corrosion. 

Characteristics of Stainless Steel Cutlery

● Lower tendency to corrosion. 

● High-quality fishi0ng and hand feel.

● Dishwashers are safer.

● Perfect for upscale events.

3. Plastic Cutlery Set

Plastic cutlery sets are widely and commonly used in every setting. They are becoming more and more popular and in high demand. They are considered one of the most convenient and inexpensive choices for casual use to upscale parties and formal events. 

They're one of the best and cheapest options in the market in terms of affordability. However, since they come with a disposable nature, making them convenient for hassle-free clean-up when serving a large crowd at an event, the after-party can be daunting. Elegant plastic silverware eliminates this problem and offers the ultimate solution. 

Look like the Real

With a wide variety of options, including plastic cutlery, there are fancy plastic flatware and elegant sets, making them an excellent choice for upscale events. They look like real silverware and stainless steel because of their finish and shine.

If you're considering buying disposable plastic silverware, don't worry; your guests won't be able to spot a difference.

Weight isn't a Problem

If you find any other cutlery sets hefty or bulky, the disposable silverware can be your ultimate choice, as it's made of BPA-free plastic material, which is very lightweight. The light weight also makes it relatively easier to transport them. 

You can easily transport the disposable silverware sets in bulk from one place to another. It's a convenient feature when planning destination weddings or picnic parties. 

How to buy Cutlery/Flatware online for Weddings?

Shopping has never been as easy as it is online now. However, at the same time, it's also difficult if you don't fall for the desired products. To make your purchase valid, safe & secure, here are the aspects you should consider while buying flatware online. 

Read the Technical Details

Look for the technical details, and see if the seller has mentioned the relevant information regarding the products. Then, match your requirements with the product's technical details and decide if it's really the cutlery set you are looking for. 

Look for the Details

The best thing to make the online purchase safe and sound is to look for the details in the pictures of the product provided by the sellers. Then, match the product's technical details with the photos if it's that product. 

Sometimes, the sellers don't post the original pictures of the product but get them from the internet. So, it's essential to notice and match the technical details. 

Where to Buy the Best Quality Plastic Silverware?

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