Things to Consider When Choosing Charger Plates

You must have been invited to an upscale party with elegant tablespace, a creative centerpiece, fancy napkins. 

In such decorative and flourished setups, you will notice charger plates are the main decor of any tablescape.

They are mostly used in formal settings, and there’s a purpose and reasons behind them. Charger plates are mandatory if you want to make things communicate formally on the table. 

What are Charger Plates, and What Is Their Purpose?

If you still haven’t understood the purpose of the charger plates, then here goes the explanation. They are simple but larger in size plates placed underneath your dinner plates.

They don’t come directly in contact with the food as they are placed underneath the regular plates. However, they serve as decorative plates to make things communicate formally on the table.

Mostly, they come in different sizes, but they are bigger than the dinner plates that serve as table cloths to prevent crumbs falling on the table or table cloth. 

Charger Plates Material

When you are considering buying charger plates, the first thing that you should be thinking about is the material.

What kind of material fits your needs? Plastic-made charger plates or fancy paper charger plates that are lightweight? Or ceramics that feel heavier? 

These are all the questions that you should be asking yourself when planning to purchase the charger plates for your next party. 

Charger plates are available in every material, starting from china to ceramic, plastic, wood, and palm leaves. 

But plastic charger plates are the best option to go for, as they offer practical benefits as well as financial. 

Plastic disposable charger plates are for single-use, which means you won’t need to wash or clean them after the party is over. Instead, you can collect them and throw them in the trash. 

Moreover, these are affordable to any budget no matter what type of plastic-made charger plates you buy; they come at a fraction of the cost. 

Charger Plates Size

Once you have made up your mind about the material of the charger plate, the next important thing you should consider is to choose the perfect plate size.

The size of the charger plates should depend on your overall tablescape - if your table is large, you should be considering the full-size charger plates. 

So they cover the space on the table and bring aesthetic vibes to your space. Moreover, the size of your dinner plates also depends on whether they are in standard size or larger one? 

If you are using standard size dinner plates, then a 14-inch charger plate would be ideal for your setup. 

Are They Safe to Use in Dishwashers?

For upscale parties, wedding parties, and when serving a large crowd at any social event, you will end up with a ton of charger plates that need to be cleaned and washed.

So you should be choosing a perfect material that is safe to use in the dishwasher. But ceramics aren’t safe to use in the dishwasher as they will get ruined. 

You can skip the idea of the safe charger plates for dishwashers and can bring the disposable chargers to kill the hassle of cleaning them. 

Moreover, colorful charger plates are much easier to match with the theme of your event.