Top 10 Decor Trends for Memorable Parties

The last couple of years really changed how we celebrated and threw parties. We were stuck at home and had intimate micro-events with only the closest people invited. Not only did it affect that, but also greatly affected the decor.

Party trends changed this year when Covid sanctions have finally been lifted. As a result, many decor pieces have become outdated, new trends have been introduced, and some have remained the same as in previous years.

Keeping with the trends helps you not feel outdated and makes your parties look pleasing. Know what this year has in store for you, and decorate your parties with trending decor pieces.

Outdoor Events

Events have moved outdoors, which has affected the trends in decor. Outdoor decorations are slightly different from indoor decorations. They are more towards hanging paper balloons, lanterns, curtain backdrops, and giant balloon garlands.

There are a few reasons for this trend:

  • One; is because you get to invite more people. 
  • Two, you get ample space to throw the event. 
  • Three, they offer an elaborate setup, so you have the freedom to do the decor just the way you want.

Plus, you have the advantage of natural lighting, so you don’t need to illuminate the space with lights. However, that does not mean you don’t need lights at all. They will still be used to create an atmosphere at your event.

Hanging Lights

Speaking of lights, they are very much in trend, and we think they will never become outdated. Lights create splendid decor irrespective of the theme, location, and season - they look great anytime, anywhere.

They vary from LED lights to string lights, hanging bulbs, to pendant lights - use what you think would suit the nature of your event.

A couple hosted a “Hanging Lights Reception” that looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Fairy lights everywhere - everything looked magical from the entrance to the top. They also added green foliage and a touch of flowers to the tables.

Use of Vibrant Hues

Pastel colors sure look aesthetic, but they are not really in this year, especially in the summer. With Pantone introducing Very Peri as the color of the year, a purplish-blue hue with a red undertone, you can guess that the trend has shifted more towards bright colors rather than light colors.

As summer has arrived, vibrant colors have become even more trendy. A colorful summer outdoor party is versatile and offers the freedom to choose a theme from many themes. Then, make decorations as per the theme. For example, you can make a rainbow garland, colorful balloon backdrop, or pom poms.

Experiment with Colors

‘Mix and match’ is another trend that’s quite popular in party decor these days. It includes mixing and matching colors, patterns, textures, and designs. It is a great way to create something unique and beautiful.

However, search the internet for some inspiration about what colors or textures go well together so you don’t fail at this attempt.

Suspended Decor

This is something new. In the previous years, we would see all the decor pieces on the table. Now they are being hung above the table or being set too tall if not hung.

You can hang LED lights, pendants, or giant paper balloons. You can’t imagine what an effect that adds to the aesthetic of your party tables.

If you don’t have a chandelier or something like that, you can put tall centerpieces on the table. Tall means tall enough to not block the guests’ view.

Another idea is to hang giant balloons above the table so that you see nothing but balloons when you look up. It might not sound like an idea, but the hanging balloons look gorgeous above heads.

Use of Mini Party Supplies

The trend of miniature supplies has been everywhere. From cooking with tiny utensils to serving food on mini appetizer plates, we have been seeing small objects take over the internet.

Similarly, mini plastic dinner sets have become a part of events. Especially for the desserts, people use beautiful mini dessert plates and mini plastic glasses for an elegant presentation. Mini disposable cutlery is another item that completes the miniature set up on a table.

Why are people so obsessed with them? It’s simply because they’re cute. Take a look at the most elegant mini-party supplies that are too cute not to eat off of.

Dried Flowers

They aren’t anything new, but their trend somehow vanished in the past few decades. But now they are making a comeback. You can tell they were too elegant to leave behind, so the event planners brought them back with new ways to use them in weddings and other celebrations.

They are available in different shapes to be used in bouquets, backdrops, and even arches. They give your parties a vintage element making them aesthetic.

Overhead Foliage Canopies

We can never get tired of flowers and foliage. They have some strange attraction to them that not a single event goes without them. They are used on almost every occasion but still give each unique, discrete look. Maybe this is why they are a trending decor this year.

Stylish Balloon Backdrop

Most people thought balloons were something that would go away any time soon, but we guess that’s just never gonna happen. You can create so much from just the balloons like canopies, garlands, or decorated marquee letters.

Circular balloon arches are in trend but with a twist. Balloon arches are no more using normal-sized balloons. Instead, they have giant balloons in combination with regular balloons.

Balloon backdrops are made with giant balloons along with patterns of tiny balloons.

Personalizing the Decor

Hosts want to personalize their events to give them a ‘personal’ feel. They are making personalized decor pieces such as a picture stand with polaroid pictures of them or a large table of glasses to give to the guests as party favors.

All these elements make your events memorable for you and your guests and give them a feeling of importance.