Top 10 Fun Christmas Party Ideas

Are you a party lover and want to give a big Christmas holiday bash and add a perk to your abilities? Then, arranging a decent and well-organized Christmas party is a perfect idea. 

Christmas events and holidays are much more than just calling up your besties and hanging some strings in the house and a Christmas tree. It is even above the feast like lunch or dinner as most of it is related to the feel of the event, which you can have through other arrangements and preparation like fun games etc. 

Guessing Christmas Songs 

You can freshen your guests up by playing this game. First, divide your guests into groups depending on the size of the group you want to have. Then, play the tune of some songs and let them guess its name. 

You can also go for the numbers and rank according to the number of songs every team guesses right and give some gifts to the winners. This game is entertaining and will leave an impact and beautiful memory for your guests. 

Card Swapping Game

This game would be worth playing if you want to make your guests remember their last good Christmas memories. 

Ask your guests to bring their photo Christmas cards or pictures of their childhood. Have a decently decorated container to collect their views. Ask everyone to pick random images and guess the person from the picture among guests. 

Cookie Decoration

Do you love sweets and food and want to go for it like anything? This game of decorating the cookie would go best with the theme of Christmas. 

Arrange a well-decorated set table and some light music in the background. Make groups of your guests and ask them to decorate the cookies from the items given to them, like sprinkles, toppings, icings, etc. 

You can also ask them to prepare some instant sweets of their liking from some selected items given to them and prepare something delicious and enjoyable. 

They would find it even more worth it if you served the prepared dishes to the guests at lunch or dinner later.

Christmas Crafts for Cards and Tree

This is still another engaging and fun activity that can be done in various ways. Place random things and crafts supplies on different tables and let your guests make Christmas cards and decorate the Christmas trees. 

You will be amazed by how children are interested in this activity. People will let you see their creativity while having fun at the same time. 

You can also use the pictures of your guests and ask them to make a family photo frame from the art and crafts supplies. Then, the party would be even more meaningful for the guests.

Role Playing 

This activity needs prior arrangements but rests assured that you will remember it for life. 

Ask your guests to prepare and dress in their favorite Christmas character, and you will see all of your favorites at once. 

You can work on various things, like asking them to prepare a few dialogues related to the characters. You can also plan some plot and create a story where people will see their favorite characters talking and performing. Finally, you can have some senior or special guests, prepare gifts for the best performers and make your and the guests' day special. 

Ice Skating 

Are you tired of being home the whole year and want to take the feeling of being free, let go of your burdens for once and welcome the new season and year? Then, an ice skating party would be the best idea you can ignore. 

It is a fun-loving activity where you can engage yourself and your guests without being restricted indoors. Ice skating freshens you up and lets you enjoy the very feel of Christmas the best way possible, as it raises your spirit and mood and makes you active. 

Dance Party

Tired of all the hectic routines of the year, Christmas Eve and parties are what people look up to, having fun away from all the tribulations and responsibilities. 

Arranging a dance party on Christmas Eve would make you a savior of theirs. You can choose among various dance party themes. You can go for a very colorful one, including modernistic elements like music, colors, and dance steps. You can even opt for old choices like going with the ba black and white theme and arranging the area giving it an antique feel. This idea would let your guests relive some memories away from current problems. 

Bonfire Feast 

If you are a nature lover, arrange a bonfire gathering. Ask your friends to join. Arrange some heavy twigs, crack fire and enjoy your community. You can have beverages or chocolates. 

Bonfire parties are best when you want a small gathering with just a few people, giving you a cozy and warm feel. 

White Elephant Game

Last but not least, playing a white elephant game has proved to be a very effective and easy way to carry out your plans for the eve. 

Ask your guests to bring some gifts. Pile the gifts in a place and ask your guests to pick any gift from the pile. The game goes on till the last guest. 

You need to have a good and cozy place and some snacks. Then, the game would do the rest, and you can enjoy the party to the fullest. 

Eat While Playing

Games and drinks bring all the fun to parties but so does food. Remember to serve your food in disposable silverware that looks chic. You can get plastic flatware and set that on the table for everyone who wants to eat. However, fancy plastic silverware with food on the same table you are playing games at might not be the best idea. 

Check out Kaya's unique collections of flatware and serving items, and thank us later! Having disposable flatware anywhere is an epic idea since it won't break and look elegant, but food might make some mess. Also, if a kid breaks a disposable plastic silverware (even though that will take real effort), it's affordable, so you can get another one out. So get your favorite items before they are sold out, and rock your party!