Top 10 Outdoor Summer Party Ideas You’ll Love

Summers are here, so you want to take that cotton dress out of the closet and flaunt it in a perfect party spot under the sun. What would be a better way to get into the warmer season than throwing an outdoor party?

We know you have been waiting so long to get into the party mood and have a blast with your buddies. So we brought you some fantastic outdoor summer party ideas that everybody will love.

Serve Up Granita

Granita is an icy dessert that is a treat to your taste buds on a warm summer day. Serve this iced fruit dessert to the guests at your outdoor summer party, and they would love it for sure. The best part is that there are endless flavors on how you can make granita. Strawberry and mint granita, cherry granita, blackberries granita, coffee granita, you name it - all taste great.

Please do not limit yourself by only serving it as a dessert. Instead, you can make iced granita with savory and spicy flavors, like delicious carrot coconut granita with cucumber, spicy tomato granita, celery apple granita, and sweet and savory lime granita.

Hawaiian Themed Beach Party

A Hawaiian luau-themed beach party is all about colors and entertainment. So put that grass skirt on and say, “ALOHA”!

There are several ancient Hawaii games that you can play, like ‘ulu maika, hula hoop, or Kumu hula says. Also, a board game transcended from Hawaii called Konane gives a lot of fun to the players and the onlookers.

Set up a luau-themed table by the beach with all the tropical elements. Make pineapple cake pops and serve them in disposable mini bowls to your guests. You can also prepare a pineapple cheese platter for a perfect luau table. 

Patio Pillow Seating

An intimate friend gathering on a summer evening in your backyard sounds like a great opportunity to have fun. Create a space in your backyard patio with couches, cushions, and hanging lanterns. Add colorful pillows, lights, and different flowers to make it summer-perfect. Then serve fruit punch or smoothies to the guests to lighten their mood.

Soak Up the Sun, Eating Watermelon

Now that summers are here, we can go outside, soak up the sun, and have fun with our best buddies.

Add up to this fun by having a watermelon-eating party in the sun, as entertaining as it sounds. Because if you genuinely LOVE watermelon, you know the sentiment. Like no exaggeration, I can eat up an entire watermelon by myself. So call your friends and set up a contest to eat watermelons or make bubbly watermelon mocktails.

Plus, you will enjoy the warmth of the summers and get that gorgeous tan; what else do you need?

Garden Tea Party

This one feels like a vintage, laid-back kind of a party. It is a perfect way to get together with your friends, have a light-hearted conversation, and sip your favorite tea.

Set up a perfect tablescape to create an exceptional ambiance in your garden tea party. Lay a simple table runner across the table and adorn it with freshly picked garden flowers and candles. The best thing to do would be to hang the candles above the table. Place mini plastic partyware on the table because of how adorable mini plastic plates and cups are. Serve the tea in mini plastic cups so the guests can take their time to savor the tea.

In case you are wondering where to buy matching disposable plasticware for your garden tea party, we suggest you buy The Kaya Collection’s fancy mini plastic party supplies that are elegant and sturdy at the same time.

Please Them with Fresh Lemonade

On a hot summer day, all of us want a glass of fresh, chilled lemonade. Prepare this by yourself and fill up a beverage cooler so anyone can enjoy this at a party. The best part about serving lemonade to your guests, apart from how refreshing it is, is that you can do as many people as you want.

Make a Cute Ice Cream Trolley

Never say no to a chilled ice cream cone!

Serving your guests ice creams is one of the first things that come to mind when planning an outdoor summer party. You might have included ice cream in your party menus before, but you have to make it a little different this time. How do you do that, you ask? Make a cute little ice cream trolley and melt your guests’ hearts.

Fill it up with lots of ice and different ice creams and place it at a suitable spot at your party so that everybody can come and grab their favorite flavor.

Illuminate with Hanging Lanterns

Whether it is an outdoor pool party, a beach party, or an intimate get-together in your backyard, hanging lanterns steal the event just by being in it. They create a glowing dining space and elevate the looks of your party venue. Get hanging lights in warm colors and set them up with some string lights to complete a perfectly lit look.

Build a S’mores Bar

It is marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers, a treat straight from the heavens! Set up a s’mores bar at your summer party and impress everybody with your hosting skills.

Make it according to the theme of your event, and if you are unable to decide on a theme, select some color themes. However, your s’mores should be more than just chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Instead, consider having a bar of salted caramel, coconut, and caramel sauce served in disposable mini bowls.

Give Scrunchies as Party Favors

It is always better to bid farewell to the guests on a good note. You can do that by giving them a party favor that comes in their use and does not just lay around in their house. One such thing is scrunchies! You can also give them scarves or bracelets.