Top 10 Tips to Get the Perfect Wedding

The idea of a "perfect" wedding brings a lot of stress! It's because the secret to throwing the best wedding lies in tiny steps that people often overlook. So we shall give you the top 10 tips to get you through your big day in the best way possible.

1. Set a Budget

Budgeting is the most daunting yet crucial part of wedding planning. You can't get anything done without setting a budget. First, talk to your partner about how much money you want to spend on your wedding, then divide it among all the expenses.

The easiest way to do it is by writing the budget in a notebook. You can also download a pre-made wedding budget planner to track everything.

The rule of thumb when deciding the budget is to leave 10% of the budget for unanticipated expenses. This is because even if you think you've covered everything, you'll have many expenditures.

2. Plan Ahead of Time

You might've heard this before, but you haven't heard it enough! It would be best if you started planning your wedding three months prior. The first steps are to set a budget and make a guest list. These two steps are time-consuming and can be stressful if not executed properly.

We've already told you the technique for budgeting your wedding. Now you need to know how to make a guest list. Ask yourself two questions. One: how many people can you afford to have? Two: who do you want at your wedding? Making a guest list becomes easy when you have a clear answer to these questions.

Book the venue in advance! Decide if you want to host indoors or outdoors, and book the place at least three months before the wedding.

3. Choose a 'Wedding-Perfect' Location

Location matters a lot to wedding coordinators and photographers. Check for the best wedding spots near you to decide on one.

The tip here is to choose a place that's already beautiful. Nothing decorates a wedding more than nature itself. So let Mother Nature beautify your wedding venue; so you don't have to.

4. Talk to Your Partner About Everything

One thing you need to focus on the most is how you and your partner can make your wedding special. After all, it's about the two of you!

Whatever you or your partner plans, you two must know about it! Unless it's a surprise. Meet with your spouse and ask about their priorities for a wedding, then tell them how you want the event. Consider your choices and decide on something you both agree on.

5. Hire Professionals

Hosting a wedding is not as simple as throwing a party. Of course, you must focus on intricate details at a wedding, but that is not the case with other parties. That is where the professionals step in. They can take your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.

If hiring many people makes you feel reluctant, don't worry! Only hire an event coordinator, a DJ, and a photographer. These are the areas where you won't be available the whole time - so it's better to take experts' services.

6. Let Others Contribute

You're mistaken if you think you can host the entire event yourself. However, you will need assistance if you don't want to get exhausted.

If your friends are good at decorating the venue or can take epic photos, let them help you with that. That would save you money while making them feel satisfied with lending a helping hand to you.

The bridesmaid will give you the emotional support you need throughout the event. So, choose your bridesmaids wisely.

7. Set Up a Perfect Wedding Table

Your wedding table should sit well with the decor and the theme. It can add to the aesthetics of your wedding. Place an elegant centerpiece in the center and put candles on its sides.


Get matching plastic drinkware and dinnerware to complete the table's look. You can mix and match the dinnerware items for a dramatic wedding table.

8. Don't Consume Alcohol the Night Before

Feeling dizzy and looking drunk in your wedding photos is the last thing you want. So, it's better not to consume alcohol at the events before your wedding.

You can make mocktails that taste perfect. They will make your pre-wedding ceremonies fun without making you dizzy the next day.

Don't worry about what mocktails to make or how to serve them. Simply put, club soda instead of alcohol, and the drink will taste amazing! You can make a virgin mojito, margarita, strawberry lemonade, and blue lagoon.

Present them elegantly in pretty drinkware glasses. All the bubbly drinks look beautiful when served in plastic drinking glasses from The Kaya Collection.

Why us? We have the most exquisite range of disposable plastic cups for your wedding tables. Set our wine glasses at your reception tables or give our disposable cups as wedding favors - they look perfect either way!

9. Entertain the Guests

At no point should the guests feel bored at your wedding. When your guests return happy, you're automatically satisfied. Respect their time and energy and make them feel important. Arrange entertainment for them, such as music, games, or a funny wedding speech.

Some people even hire comedians for weddings. If that's your thing, go for it; but hire an experienced one with good reviews to bring out laughter at your wedding.

The music shouldn't stop at any point. However, you'll need to be careful not to put on too loud music that gives everyone a headache. Soft music is all you need throughout the event.

Giving wedding favors is another way to make them feel important. Thoughtfully decide on wedding gifts for your guests; get something they can cherish later.

10. Keep Up the Energy and Enjoy!

Lastly, it all comes down to how you feel at your wedding. Let go of all the planning stress you've been holding on to, and enjoy your wedding. Remember, your wedding is the most important day of your life - you can't waste it stressing over anything.

Hosting a "perfect" wedding is not that difficult - now you know! Good luck with a memorable wedding.