Top 6 Easy and Creative Christmas Table Decor Ideas

Can you hear the jingle bells? Christmas is just around the corner. We love the vibes that come with Christmas: happy and zealous. If you are fond of Christmas or a big family, you must love throwing Christmas get-togethers.

You can't just cook good food and be happy with that. Don't be a Debbie downer; try doing something fun instead. If you think that Christmas dinners don't excite you anymore, then we bet you're doing it wrong. 

That's why we brought you some easy and creative Christmas table decor ideas that will compel you to get down on that table and start praying immediately.

1. Personalized Place Settings

Adding a personalized element to your dining table makes the guests feel cozy. The simplest way to do so is to place the small frame having red and golden or green shades with each guest's name and a lovely phrase to address them.

Having a personalized place is magical since everything will be according to your mood and vibes. No matter how stressful your life is, this will immediately uplift your spirit so that you can enjoy this beautiful event to its fullest. 

2. Simple Napkin Grouping

For napkins, the traditional approach will be to get red and green napkins. Then, you can attach them to the top of a jingle bell to make it look better. You can also take a pretty ball and roll the napkin to make it look more vibrant. 

Simple napkin grouping is a nice trick that would flicker to attention. For example, you can choose one dark shade of blue, like navy blue or royal blue, and buy several napkins in the same color. After that, try placing them on the table with plates and silver trinkets to give a good panorama of the table.

3. Eucalyptus Table Runner

Make bundles out of your greenery, then fasten the stems using floral wire. Finally, choose the size of the bundles depending on how broad you want the completed garland to be. 

If the wreath will hang from a small mantel, make multiple, narrow bunches. Before completing them, lay a bundle on your area to gauge their height and width. Stack two bunches and attach them with floral tape accented with green wire to make the garland. Fill in each piece separately until you are satisfied with the saturation level. If the wreath is too thin, use bigger ones to give it more breadth. 

Place the garland on your display surface or tabletop. The DIY green wreath looks best on a level surface to prevent parts from falling out of the arrangement since the bundles are linked at the ends. If you want to leave the design out for a while, keep a few other foliages in the fridge to refresh it. 

4. Santa On Your Table 

Ho! Ho! Ho! What could be better than a Santa-themed table this Christmas? So buckle up as we will tell you how to set a perfect Santa-themed table. Firstly have a red and green tablecloth and place it on your table. Then take a white vase and put some Santa-shaped cookies inside. You can get the sweets from the market or use the vicinity of your kitchen. 

Do you have a pot or a topiary? If yes, place Santa's hat on top of it, giving your table an earthy look. Then take your drink bottles and attach the candies, providing it with all the Christmas vibes. Finally, you can take red candles and place them either in the middle (if they are big ones) or on each end (if they are smaller ones). 

Can you have a table without chairs? Yes, you can, but usually, you don't, so get yourself Mr. And Mrs. Claus Chair Covers to put on your chairs. You can also get some red and green cushions to elevate the look of your table this Christmas. You can also set up a Xmas tree with Santa's clothes on the branches.

5. Get Nice Candles

There are some perfect candle-based wreaths that you can place on your table to make it look chic and beautiful. If you want to make one for yourself, then take a brown sheet and spread it on your table. Then cut some in circles and paste them on the cardboard cut in the same shape. 

Once you complete the essential step, you can get flowers that you or your guests will love. 

You can stack all the flowers together and add some fake bugs or, better, reindeer on the leaves and put the candles on it. This way, you can make a perfect candle garden with all the items at your disposal. 

6. Have Chic Crockery

If you are used to taking out your expensive China and placing it on the table just like you've been doing for years, nothing can stop you from deliberately making your party dull. You'd be sitting at your table with all the creative ideas but not getting the feels for the table. All the credit goes to your old and boring crockery. 

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Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!