Top 7 Tips for Planning the Best Office Party

Workplace parties are great for team development, productivity, and bringing the staff close together. 

Given this, a yearly Holiday party is the ideal way to introduce your staff to your workplace culture in the most fun way. 

A healthy job environment can increase both the enthusiasm to work and the output. To honor everyone's dedication in 2022, organizing an office holiday party will go a long way. Organizing an event that will have your employees or coworkers capturing every moment on social media is also unquestionably a goal.

In addition to making the event memorable for the staff members, it may also encourage their online contacts to look at your company's employment openings because of all their social media posts.

The office party is near, and you have the impossible responsibility of planning it. It can be daunting to decide on the ideal location, buy enough drinks, and disposable bowls, plan some fun activities and ensure that everything and everyone is COVID-safe.

But you need to worry as we have your back. We decided to disclose our top-secret guide to arranging memorable parties. Read on!

1. Rely On Your Team

Only a strong planning committee can pull off an entertaining celebration. A like-minded group of individuals can make the office party talk of the year a reality. Ask your team for their suggestions. List the different ideas you get, and then choose the best ones that fit your goals, budget, and the nature of your office. 

Engage your team in organizing and planning the event is one of the main principles of throwing a successful party. Since you're hosting the party for your colleagues, it's better to know their likes and dislikes.

Allow them to express their ideas for the Holiday party, including the venue and time of the event, their favorite serving bowls, the theme of the party, the food they want to eat, or what kind of fun activities they would prefer.

2. Make It a Themed Party

Check your venue when choosing your theme. Choose a location where you can pull off any decor, such as a Moroccan backdrop, something elegant, or anything out of the norm.

A themed office party is more fun than a casual one. Taco Fiesta, Carnival Inspired Theme, Winter Wonderland, Black Ties, and Halloween-themed parties can make employees feel pleasant and joyful. Having a topic to discuss immediately lessens the awkwardness between the already working employees and the new ones and makes socializing easier. 

Your event can be more enjoyable if it has a theme. For example, it could revolve around a particular food genre or an unusual holiday theme.

3. Stay On Budget

Party planning must always begin with the drafting of a checklist so that you better understand what you can manage to do while staying within your intended event budget. Explore a budget-friendly restaurant. Spend less on the décor and theme.

Let your employees contribute to exchanging presents as much as they can.

Look for a venue that provides extras for your guests. For example, some restaurants will offer packages with food or drink deals. That will save your money as well as time. 

Office parties usually take place at off-site locations like restaurants, cafes, social clubs, and so on, and cost a lot. So why not host the party in your office if you have enough space?

4. Good Food-Good Mood

It won't be wrong to mention that the way to your employees' hearts is through their stomachs. So, prioritize serving delicious food in beautiful cutlery. Finding a professional caterer is crucial for the success of your event since guests will only recall the food as one of the main elements of the event long after it has ended. 

Food served in disposable plastic bowls may be the best way to provide a wide selection of foods. However, your office party table needs elegance apart from everything else. Getting elegant dinnerware is one way to do that.

Minimal food menu but quality dishes are preferable, compared to going beyond the way and having tasteless items in your plastic bowls. Pretty and unique cutlery adds to the beauty and taste of the food. Buy some serving bowls for parties and present food in them to make it look more appetizing.

Happy hours are always a significant factor in a developing business. So offer your employees good drinks and keep the bond strong.

5. An Award Ceremony Everyone Would Love

People love being acknowledged and valued, especially in the workplace. An award ceremony is an excellent way to keep guests involved and provide some conversation starters. In addition, you might take advantage of the office party to honor each employee's accomplishments in front of the entire firm. 

Avoid making it too formal and professional. Instead, put some humor in the award ceremony to make it look like a celebration. So, make sure you compliment your coworkers on their excellent job but do so in a friendly and humorous way.

6. End The Party In An Exciting Way

Don't forget to give your guests some beautiful presents they can keep with themselves forever. That is a great way to let them know how much you value all of their effort and dedication. Also, pick giveaway items that not only fit the event's theme but can also be used by your employees daily at the workplace.

Think about laptop bags, T-shirts, stickers, and imprinted diaries or notebooks. It can motivate your employees to work better in the future. Don't overspend but be thoughtful while giving gifts to your employees.

Having variety in options is always a good idea. You may decide on cost-effective and suitable gifts for your firm.

7. Feedback Improves Performance

After the party, follow up to get suggestions for improvement from specific team members or employees. Know the strengths and weaknesses of the party, what you might add or what you could eliminate. Ask everything from the employees.

Ask for the feedback in time, and don't get too late.