Types of Disposable Plastic Flatware

Flatware items, spoons, forks, and knives are very crucial for any table setting. Whether you’re looking to buy plastic flatware for your personal or business use, you get to see a lot of different types of plastic flatware available in the market. Don’t know what to buy? We’re here to give you a detailed introduction to the available plastic flatware in the market.

Plastic flatware

The flatware items include a spoon, knife, and fork. For parties, people usually prefer to use plastic flatware because they’re easy to dispose of. Plastic flatware also comes in various colors and designs, so you can choose whatever suits your fantasy. Moreover, if you’ve guests, you must expect some kids with them as well. Your ceramic plates and your glass top of the table are at risk of breaking or cracking with silver cutlery. This is why people mostly prefer plastic flatware because they’re light in weight, and kids are much safer with them.

We offer plastic flatware in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The shiny metallic gold disposable plastic forks, knives, and spoons are our best-selling products.

Categories Depending upon Weight

Flatware is also categorized based on weight. Usually, the lightweight flatware is made up of plastic, while the medium-weight flatware is usually made of inferior quality steel. The medium-weight flatware can bend easily if pressure is applied, but the heavy-weight flatware items are hard to bend. There’s another category of extra heavy flatware made up of premium quality steel bars, and they’re almost impossible to bend but also very expensive.

However, the most commonly used flatware is plastic flatware because they’re lightweight and easy to carry for outdoor parties. Moreover, if you don’t want to dispose of ordinary plastic flatware, you can try our elegant mini flatware series designed for kids. Washing and cleaning are much more convenient with plastic flatware. Moreover, if you really want to dispose them of, you can pack disposable plastic spoons in your kid’s lunchbox.

Plastic Knives

Summer is full of holidays, and whenever there’s a holiday, everybody loves to throw a party. Having a bunch of friends along with kids at your home is really demanding. You have to manage a lot of stuff, including the tableware items. This is where our premium plastic knives come into play. These are lightweight plastic knives usually used for cutting fruits and can even be used to teach children how to use and hold a knife since they’re not that sharp compared to steel knives.

Plastic Forks

Our plastic forks come in shiny metallic silver and metallic gold colors. All our plasticware is BPA-free and is a one-time-use product. You can also reuse them if you want, but it depends on your usage style. These plastic forks come in different sizes and colors. The sharp red color in forks is quite eye-catchy, and it can grab your guests’ attention. With the availability of different colors, you can choose any theme you want and follow it using our colored flatware items.