Wedding and Engagement Cake Design Ideas

Wedding and engagement cakes cannot be like any other cake - simple and boring. They must have that wow factor to them that amazes your guests the moment they look at them. Like other wedding management steps, spend a good amount of time selecting the perfect cake for your wedding or engagement. We are going to make that search easy for you by giving you some ideas to make your wedding cakes elegant.

Rice Paper Cakes

Rice paper sails are a new technique used in decorating cakes. They can be made in different shapes, colors, and sizes and look elegant in all forms.

Citrus Cake

Give your wedding cake vibrant colors with citrus fruits. You can either keep it all white and then decorate it with fruits and toppings, or you can also make a rainbow cake that has all the colors a citrus cake needs.

Spatula-Painted Cakes

You don’t need to have cake toppings, when you can, you can make edible art pieces on the cake. With the help of a spatula, create strokes or any other shape with buttercream.

Brush Strokes

A chocolate brushstroke cake is what completes a wedding and engagement. You can also make a brushstroke layer cake as it is trendy and tastes delicious.

Pressed Floral Cakes

The use of pressed flowers on cakes as decor has risen in the past couple of years, and we are glad it became a trend.

Add Some Greenery

Your wedding cake needs a little greenery as well. Add green foliage to your wedding cake and change its looks from basic to elegant.

Marble Cake

Let the allure of marble shine through your engagement cake with a beautiful marble cake.

Beaded or Lace Cake

Cakes with beads and lace are perfect for a minimal wedding. Creatively use laces and beads on different tiers of cake to add grace to your wedding.

Metallic Cakes

The hottest trend in wedding cakes is metallic cakes. Think of gold, bronze, rust, and silver cakes - all these hot colors together make your wedding cakes beyond attractive.

Ostrich Feathers

Let us introduce you all to the most elegant-looking cake ever - the one with ostrich feathers. You can imagine how beautiful a simple white cake with pink and blue feathers would look.

Cake Serving Sets

We just told you some trendy, elegant-looking wedding and engagement cake ideas to make your weddings exquisite. You know how else you can add more grace to your wedding cake - by using the right serving ware. If you can make your cake presentable, the looks of your wedding will enhance.

Let us make that easy for you as well. Get our disposable wedding serving ware, and do not worry about the presentation of your food. Our elegant plastic serving tableware includes the most ravishing trays, cake stands, and cutlery that make possible an exquisite serving.

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